18 May 2015

Pig in the Post Office

Last week I had to hit up the post office. Of course I picked the busiest time of the day (lunch time), so I decided to make the best of it and start recalling the small things I was grateful for so far in that day.

I got in line behind a guy who looked to be about in his forties. 

He was wearing a Tiger's baseball t-shirt. When he turned around I noticed on the front it said "Wanna Score?" 

Really 40 years old and that's what you're wearing in public!? #pathetic. 

Once he turned back around I realized the back read, "Let's meet in the dugout!"

This goes for men too...(looking at you pig in the post office)

Now I consider myself a lady and perhaps one of the most feminine women you will ever meet, but it took everything inside of me to not tap this man on the shoulder and let this pig in the post office have a piece of mind. Maybe I should have something and maybe its good I didn't. 

But at the end of the day, this encounter only reaffirms to me that the whole free love/sexual revolution has only left men and women more hurting, confused, and broken on what healthy sexuality is all about. 
Am I being a wee bit judgmental? Okay maybe I am, but it just makes my blood boil something fierce. 

As a woman, I felt insulted by this immature and crude perspective of what appeared to be a grown man. Our culture is over sexed and over pornographied, and it is starting to catch up with us. 

Okay so maybe this guy I encountered at the post office is not a sex addict, but that shirt he wore sends a message of the perspective many people today have in regards to sexuality and relationships: sex is no big deal and it doesn't matter how you get it. 
As long as it makes you feel good, nobody gets hurt, right? 
I read a really good article recently on why watching porn is like eating a Twinkie. 

It makes perfect sense. All the fake, nasty chemicals of a Twinkie are no more different than the false, pretend feelings of viewing pornography achieves. And that t-shirt I saw is kinda like a Twinkie. It is a lie; a false misrepresentation of love, relationships, and healthy sexuality.
Sure I was frustrated, even a little pissed off, but deep down I just felt sad. 

Sad that a grown a$# man has this twisted perspective of women and sex. Sad that he represents the growing soul sickness in our world of men and even women who have turned sexuality into something it was never intended to be. 

The only way for evil to flourish and continue in the world, is for people to stand by and say nothing. In the end, I kept my mouth shut because I was fairly certain anything that came out would not have been very lady-like.

But still something to wrestle with and ponder over...

How would you respond in a similar situation? Would you have said anything or just ignored it?

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  1. I never would have had the guts to say something out loud! More than likely, I would have snapped a picture to my husband and talked about it with him. I bet Jenny at Mama Needs Coffee would have said something...did you see her latest post? :-p


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