02 March 2015

When an Inconvenience Turns Into Prayer

I have the reputation of often locking my keys in my car. Like a lot. Since the new year, I am currently up to three times...and counting. At least I have gotten way better about not locking them in the car, while the car is running. #truestory

So on Friday, I ran to the bank to deposit cash to pay some bills. I was also deeply engrossed in a Dave Ramsey podcast (my newest obsession). As I was listening Dave rant about credit cards, I turned off the car and took the keys out and set them on the seat next to me. Can you see where this is going? I finished counting and organizing the money, gathered my purse and locked the door. Only to then proceed to make sure I had my keys. I then looked in the car to see the keys staring me down in the face. Oh.crap.

So I called AAA and they said someone would arrive to break me back into my car around 4:15. It was now 2:36pm. Feeling grumpy (and slightly pissy) I went into the bank and did my business. I proceeded to share dump my woes on the bank teller. Then I stood in the lobby and waited. I was not liking this. Sure I don't mind opening doors for old ladies while waiting to get rescued, but I had stuff to do! I don't have time to be inconvenienced!

After about 45 minutes of internal complaining and even breaking my weekend social fast, I got a reality check. Sometimes the things in life that look and feel like inconveniences actually can become great opportunities for prayer.

And that's what this waiting turned into...prayer.

So now here I am just walking around the lobby in the bank. I am just praying for the tough stuff in my life, persecuted Christians around the world, other people, those who have no one to pray for them. You name it I was praying. And of course being slightly in touch with my feelings I started crying. Not full blown hysterical crying but those soft, quiet tears you wipe away hoping no one saw. Thankfully I had the sunglasses on, so I felt a little more classy. But all of sudden my pissy attitude melted away because I used the experience to change me a little. 

Eventually I was rescued and a truck came to break in to my car at 4:10p. All was I good and I went merrily on my way to go home and scrub the kitchen floor.

The season of Lent is all about allowing God to change us. Sometimes we are blind as bats and miss those opportunities of grace. But last Friday, I didn't. I was present and allowed an inconvenience become a fruitful time of prayer.

Look for and be aware of the inconveniences in life. Whether its a train crossing or a long line at the grocery store, use the little moments of life that feel like an annoyance to transform your heart.
Because when you do, your life will be richer for it.


  1. This habit is not one of mine, but Angel locked the keys in our car so often that he started carrying a key to the door in his wallet at all times. And that was good thinking, to turn the unexpected and unwanted downtime into prayer time!

  2. I love this...not missing opportunities for grace even when things don't go our way! We locked our keys in the car once at the parking lot of the ski slope recently--I can imagine the frustration of it happening my continually! Here's hoping the grace you received can be applied to avoiding future instances, too!


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