17 March 2015

Podcast Lovin'...What's Filling My Bucket

I am late to the game on the wonderful world of finding new podcasts to follow. I mean seriously, who knew have something interesting and thought provoking could make the dusting and vacuuming 10 times more enjoyable!?
Wellll I still don't like having to dust and vacuum but that's another story for another time...

Here's some of my favorites I am enjoying these days:

1. The Dave Ramsey Show
Oh Dave, how thankful I am that you have ruined life for Jim and I. I started listening a few months ago, when my gazelle-like-focus to kill debt was lowering a bit. Listening Dave share his practical advice is an extra dose of encouragement I need to stay focused and keep my in the debt-is-dumb-cash-is-king game. I LOVE listening to the families that come into his studio to do their debt-free scream live on the show. Talk about inspiration to stick with it!!! 
Whether or not, you ride the Dave Ramsey train or not, give a listen. You'll learn something new and definitely get a good laugh:)

2. The Influence Podcast
I have been hearing about The Influence Network for awhile now and really like the mission behind this group of women: to inspire and encourage women to make their online life mean something for the glory of God. Going to their annual conference in the fall is on the things on my list of stuff to save for. But for now, the podcast is a good free option. they interview all kinds of women with tons of different topics each like blogging, spiritual growth, how to balance life, and creativity.

3. Catholic Stuff You Should Know
Talk about the New Evangelization! This show is hosted by a couple young priests and deacons who talk about any and everything related to the Catholic faith and culture. My favorite episodes so far have been on the best(and worst!) of the incorruptibles, How the Media is Hijacking the Pope, and How the Vatican City Works. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is how often sometimes the hosts make jokes about drinking and alcohol...not really the most prudent image to give folks of Catholic clergy. Other than that, still a good show! Thanks Bonnie for telling me about it too:)

4. MUD Stories
I happened to stumble on this one merely by accident. Jacque's mission through her podcast is to bring hope and encouragement to make it through the muddiest moments of life. She interviews all types of women with heartfelt, unique stories that share their own faith and hope on how they worked through the mud in their own life. If you're looking for something inspirational, give a listen!

5. The Art of Simple
I am new to this podcast after reading Tsh's books Organized Simplicity and Notes from a Blue Bike, which were great. What I love about Tsh is her mission to simplify life in the midst of chaos and making time for more of what matters. On her podcast, she talks to all kinds of guests on things like simple living, food, family traditions, good books, traveling, etc. This one has quickly become one of my new favorites, and always seems to hit the spot when I listen after a crazy, busy day.

Are you into podcasts? What are the favorite ones you follow? 
Share with me? :)

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  1. I've only recently discovered the interesting world of podcasts--and the only one I listen to regularly is a Mandarin Chinese educational one. I'm a huge fan of it, but that probably shows what a nerd I am.

  2. Okay...tell me more. Everyone is talking about podcasts but I don't even know where to start. What are you using to listen? #3 sounds super interesting!

  3. Glad you tuned in on Dave Ramsey's show. He's a great financial advice expert. It would be an understatement to say that he's been helpful to anyone who's had trouble financially. Anyway, it's really fun and educational to listen to his podcasts. Also, if you haven't heard of it yet, you might want to try listening to Serial. It's a podcast that knows just how to throw you off your chair with suspense. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Patty! Have fun! :)

    Sheri Chambers @ Highwoods & Associates


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