16 February 2015

Something Beautiful for God

I have always loved Mother Teresa. Growing up, she was one of my favorites. I remember as a small child watching early documentaries of her work in Calcutta as she began to be known around the world. While some of it was graphic for a little girl, I was captured. Something inside of me has always been drawn to that sweet little nun on a very deep level.

Saturday night I was looking for a book to read while Jim snored away in bed. I guess the Valentine's Day dinner/dance really wore him out. I am kinda a book nerd and like to organize books by categories on the shelves. #dontjudge I came across my "Mother Teresa" section and it felt like I was sitting down for a chat with a dear friend.

As I was sitting in the living room amid my Mother Teresa book collection, I turned one book over to see the above quote, which is one I have always loved. The notion of doing 'something beautiful for God' is an idea that has always caused me to think about and reflect on what I want my life to be about. The love behind all of my words and actions is my 'something beautiful to God'. At the end of life, it doesn't matter how money you made or bestsellers you never wrote, but how much love is put in the little, daily actions and interactions of life.

What is my something beautiful to God? Its loving the difficult people in my life...being patient and kind to Jim when I'd rather slap him silly...less mindless living, more purposeful living...sharing faith and encouragement with others...allowing the joys and sorrows of life to make me stronger...
Ultimately my something beautiful for God is a life lived well; loving God and loving others. To some it can be seen as a humble offering, but to God it is treasure chest of precious jewels.

Mother Teresa once said, "I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world." Each of our own lives is that little pencil Mother Teresa is talking about. God tells the most amazing stories through the lives of His children, just read the Bible! Our lives can be a letter that tells a story to the world about the amazing power of God and share our own healing/transformation through it.

Every life has a story to tell. Me? I am still sorting through and writing that story out. But I know the letter God writes to this world through my own life will be something wild, precious, and rare...and whatever it is at the end of the my life will still be something beautiful for God.

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