18 February 2015

40 days of Affirmations

Ash Wednesday. The day where on more occasion I have been asked a) what is the black stuff on my forehead and b) did I walk into a chimney? #truestory

So anyway back to the title...

This Lent, I'm doing a unique twist to the almsgiving piece. This year I am sending 40 notes to 40 different young people who are alumni of youth ministry programs I worked in. Each day of Lent, a different young person will get a note in the mail from me. I am really excited to do this and think its an awesome way to re-connect the alumni back to their parish community. It is also cool for me to reflect and think about the special, unique memories I have of the different teens I have worked with over the last 8 years. And there have been a lot.

People can be so negative in today's world and really who doesn't need a little more affirmation and encouragement? Young adults away at college especially need support while trying to balance college life with being a disciple of Jesus. Excited to see what happens with this little experiment of 40 days of affirmations:)

What about you? What are your Lenten plans for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving?

Where I'm hanging out for the next 40 days...

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  1. I love this! What a wonderful idea! :)

  2. Oh I like this idea! I have been wanting to designate a person a day in prayer, and then yesterday I came across this: http://rosie-ablogformymom.blogspot.com/2015/02/crafts-for-lent-reluctant-crafters-guide.html Childish, maybe, but my husband and I will definitely be doing it this Lent!

  3. This is great... I should do this with my family. My plans for this lent are too long to write out now, but I will say that I'm fasting from all unnatural sugar this lent. (Pray for me haha.)

    The Starving Inspired


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