10 February 2015

50 Shades & Lies to Women

I find it incredibly ironic that a movie coming out on St. Valentine's Day promotes the total opposite of what true love looks like.

Yup, I'm talking about 50 Shades of Grey.

As opening day draws near for this movie, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the lies this supposedly freeing, liberating film/book series is telling women of all ages....

1. Romanticizes sexual violence against women

2. Sex is all about pleasure and being selfish

3. Sex is about using another person for your own desires

4. You have to change yourself and compromise your boundaries to get a guy

5. If you do not meet a man's sexual desires and wants, there is something wrong with you

6. Relationships are all about power and control

7. Manipulation apparently now equals romance

8. Purity is seen as a challenge to be conquered and overtaken

9. You to be sexual with a man in order to matter or be of worth to him

10. Men looking at porn is bad but this new thing of "mommy porn" is now completely acceptable and okay

11. Sexual morality is viewed in shades of grey rather than black or white

12. True love is about using another person

13. People are disposable...when you're done with them, just throw them away

14. Pornography is acceptable

15. There is no concern for the other person

I know there could be many more listed, but these are the ones that have gotten me thinking.

I don't know about you but the positive, upbeat publicity this movie and book series is getting just makes me sad. I am sad and angry that our culture is glamorizing pornography, sexual violence, and sexual addiction. It is disgusting on so many levels.

On Friday I will be spending some time praying for all those people who will go see this movie...will you consider joining me?

Seriously.Consider doing this...I know I am!


  1. Oh my word, your points are so true. Yesterday, I was reading one of C.S. Lewis's works and it totally talks about sexual morality and how the "propaganda for lust" (meaning films, novels, etc) associate the idea of sexual indulgence with being "healthy", "normal", "young", etc...all of which is contrary to the sacredness of sex. It made me think of this movie!

    Ill be joining you (because I, too, failed and watched unhealthy movies in the past)!

  2. Yes, i will pray with you! Agree with you in prayer.

  3. Hey - that's a great idea! Thanks for inspiring others to join you in this cause.


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