09 April 2014

Ode to the siblings...

Happy National Sibling Day, friends!

Today I thought I'd go nostalgic and recall fun, odd memories of my childhood with these two nuts.

1.  I remember the day my sister Annie was born.  We were at my grandparent's when the call came through "Mommy had the baby!" I wanted a sister.so.much. And when my brother found out he had another sister, he was devastated...its hard being a toddler sometimes.  While he sobbed his little heart out, I (trying to be the loving big sister) said, "It's okay Timmy, you can pretend the new baby is boy."
He never took my suggestion.

2.  Growing up we played some weird games.  Only in our family would get stoked to play library.in my brother's bedroom.  We organized the books on "displays" and even created library cards.  Our most loyal patron? Our Mom, who always signed out books as Shirley Soapwater.  Good times at the neighborhood library.
My brother and I also went through a phase we were played Davey Crockett.  I was Mrs. Crockett and my brother was Davey.  Sometimes we went hunting together, milked cows, and escaped in the middle of the night on a raft (sleeping bag) from bad people wanting to kill us. 

3.  The time I almost ran over Annie with my bike one summer or the time I curled her hair before an annual trip to visit Santa...except she looked like a French poodle because I wasn't familiar with curling irons at that time in life.

4.  Christmas Eve.  This always had some fun memories...like when driving home from our grandparents and Tim swore he saw Rudolph's red nose in the sky...or when we discovered Santa's footprints the next morning together.

5.  Annie & I used to have reading camp outs in the summer time.  We both would sleep in one of our beds and read our favorite books till we both fell asleep...or one of us fell out of the bed.

6.  The fun when all 3 of us were legal and shared a drink in Annie's honor of her 21st year on God's green earth.

7. A more recent one is the Thanksgiving annual "smack-whipped-cream-off-your-hand-and-catch-it-in-your-mouth" ...some of us still need more practice than others.

The last 20 some years have been loud, crazy, and weird...here's to the next 20 being as exciting!


  1. Love it. It's always fun being the oldest and remembering details about childhood years! My siblings don't remember a thing. Lol. Except that I was a bossy, older sister. ;-)

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  4. My little brother cried when he found out he was getting a 5th sister! :P Poor guy, he ended up with 6 sisters and no brothers at all! Our favorite "game" as kids was probably that we lived in the "Old West" and were cowboys together. :P


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