25 April 2014

7QT on New jobs, Dave Ramsey, and the perfect date

newly ordained!
1.  Easter was full and exhausting this year.  On Easter Sunday we went to 6am Mass.  Aside from feeling (and probably looking like zombies) it was a really cool thing to hear the Resurrection account as the sun was rising and seeing the light pour through the church windows!  After church we came home and Jim had to work for a bit.  I took a nap,  then later stuffed my face with candy, and went to church again at 11am.  No I wasn't trying to win extra holy points, but one of our best friends was just ordained a deacon a few weeks ago and Easter Sunday was the first time he was preaching.   Jake did a great job and looked like such a natural up there! 

Once Jim got home from work, we headed over to my parents where enjoyed a yummy 26 pound ham.  We like meat, yes we do.  Loud noises and laughter pretty sums up holidays at my parents house, which is always the best.

2.  Jim got a new job!  He'll have benefits and double the pay before, and it comes at such a good time for us financially as we begin to look at realistically what we have to do to kick out our debt.

3.  Speaking of debt, I've started to become friends with Dave Ramsey.  My friend Mary has talked a lot on her blog about her story of becoming debt free.  After furiously reading "The Total Money Makeover" in a week and sharing what I'm learning with Jim, we are both realizing something has gotta change.  Tonight we're going to get some budgeting tools/resources to help us start to create monthly budgets and adding up our total debt to see what we have to work with.
Honestly I'm scared.to.death. to embark on this.  Especially to cut up my credit card...goodbye random trips to Target & Ann Taylor LOFT.  Deep down though, I KNOW its time.  We got to grow up financially...and realize its time to start living like no one else now, so later we can live like no one else.

4.  Right before Easter, I did a spring-time purging of my side of the closet.  I have heard a lot of people talking about thredUP, an online consignment store for women and children. I sent in a bag of some of my goodies to be sold and earn credit for the store for future purchases.  I'm still waiting to hear back if all my items will be accepted, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the high standards and quality at the pieces they sell.

5.  Okay question for you all.  I'm thinking about putting a gallery wall in our living room.  There's just this huge white blank spot by the door that I feel just stares and laughs at me in the face.  I've started reading some tips/tricks on Pinterest, but I still feel clueless.
Soooo. For those of you who are ooberly creative how/where do I start?  If you made a gallery wall in your home, how did you begin and go about it?  thank you ahead of time.

6.  I just registered for my first 5K "Unleash the She" in Ann Arbor.  My Mom, sister, and I all registered for a walk run for ovarian cancer.  The three of us are doing this in honor and support of a very special family member who was just diagnosed.  I'm looking forward to doing this with my favorite gals and to do this in honor, love, and support of my aunt.

I just LOVE this movie...and this scene always gets me.  So happy April 25th to each of you!!!

Have a great weekend...hopefully all you need is a light jacket.  And be sure to check out other Quick Takers galore


  1. threadUP sounds so neat, I will have to look into that! I am also on the hunt for gallery wall tips! I just moved into a new apartment and there is so much empty wall space!

  2. Congratulations on your husband's new job! I would begin by separating/printing a variety pictures (of faces, special moments, things) you would like to hang. If you are printing them, make sure the photo prints are in different sizes. Then I would go to thrift stores, etc, to buy random, cheap, pretty frames you can hang (within your style, photo sizes, and budget, of course). I think a gallery wall is a super neat idea. ;-) Anywhoooo, longest comment ever. Haha! ;-)

    1. Now that's an idea that didn't even occur to me going to the thrift stores! thanks:)

  3. Dave Ramsey is great... My parents and I took his budget class thing (wow, I'm articulate, eh?) a few years ago - our church hosted the video classes. And congrats on the new job! And muy muy congrats to the new baby priest!! Eee! God bless y'all!

    1. I'm excited to get more focused financially, but I'll admit I'm nervous to say goodbye to random trips to Target.

  4. My brother-in-law and his wife started the Dave Ramsey program about a month ago and they are loving it! I have a temporary gallery wall in my house. Because it's temporary I didn't put all that much thought into it, but I just used some larger photos as centerpoints toward the middle and built the wall out from the center with smaller photos. This was mine: http://www.therandomwritings.com/2013/06/a-cheap-gallery-wall.html

  5. When you're finally ready to hang your gallery wall, I recommend laying everything out on the floor and designing it there while everything is still moveable. Then once you're happy you can transfer it up to the wall. Congratulations on your husband's new job!

  6. My husband and I went through the Dave Ramsey course - if you can find an FPU class near you, it is definitely worth the money and time to take the class. The small group time in each class was key for us - it was great for asking questions about budgeting, getting input from other small group members about how they handle certain aspects of their finances, and to hold each other accountable. I highly recommend it! And yes, it is very scary to get started. I was terrified! But I still make trips from time to time to Target and Loft; albeit, not as often as I used to but definitely when the budget allows :) Good luck!


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