26 March 2014

Top 5 things about being apartment dwellers...

1.  The work-out room.
Okay so we have been living here well over a year, and I have just begun to visit the workout room here...couple treadmills, elliptical, & weight machines.  In deciding to lead another World Youth Day pilgrimage to Poland in 2016, I figured it was good motivation to become besties again with the treadmill.  But honestly, the real motivation? There is a flat screen TV in the work-out room....oh, and did I mention cable TV too? Who am I kidding the real reason I'm working out again is so I can have my fill of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' & 'Cake Boss'.  Nothing is more motivating to work out than watching people make.eat. cake.

2.  Cleaning is a snap.
Our place isn't very big...and that is my favorite when it comes to cleaning.  Typically if we roll up our sleeves & haul it, we can have things sparkly and smelling fine within 2 hours.  Before we agreed on the ever "sacred chore chart", our cleaning ritual was not constant and regular; which drove this little control freak freaking.nuts.
Now with our neon green Excel sheet on the fridge, life is a much happier...and less smelly place around these parts.

3.  When your dry wall is falling apart, maintenance comes to the rescue!
We live in Michigan, and to say this past winter has been crazy cold and snowy is an understatement...with so MUCH cold.snow.moisture.ice. piled on top of each other it has created all kinds of interesting things.  There were a few weeks we had pots out by the back patio collecting all the snow/ice melting through the ceiling because of ice dams.  All this moisture builds up in the ceiling and walls creating bulging pockets and has even started to peel away parts of the dry wall.
fun times right?  Well if we were homeowners I'd be flipping out, but as renters its a job for maintenance.  However, we're still waiting for the final winter thaw, because with the crazy weather they cannot fix anything until the weather is warmer and more consistent.
Hopefully spring is coming soon because I'm running out of towels and pans to collect all this winter residue.

4. No outside chores.
This one is my favorite.easily.  Growing up, it was regularly expected to partake in Saturday family work days outside: weeding, raking, picking up dog poop, etc. I HATED family work days outside...a lot.  When my complaining and/or pouting didn't get the result I wanted, I resorted to other measures.  I would ask to go use the bathroom or get a drink and disappear for 15,20,30 minutes in the bathroom with a book.  When that didn't work (and I got yelled at) I tried bargaining to stay inside and then I could complete all the inside chores.  Needless to say my tricky ways never got me anywhere except going to bed early.
As long as we live here, I'm going to soak up not having to rake leaves, pull weeds, and pick up dog poop.  However when we buy a house someday, I think I am in for a rude awakening...

5.  Free parties!
When I say party I'm using the term loosely here.  Our apartment complex has occasional 'freebies' for the members.  Want to go for a bike ride? free bicycle rental.  Looking for a cook-out? A few times throughout the summer, they have community BBQ's; free burgers and dogs? Sounds good to us!  Want to meet Santa or the Easter Bunny?  Well okay, we haven't visited Santa Claus but, Easter is coming soon...??  I'm sure nothing would thrill my husband more than to get our picture taken with the Easter Bunny.


  1. No outside chores would be a huge perk!! Neither Angel nor I are huge fans of yardwork or landscaping...

  2. I'm the kind of crazy that actually loves outside work... I'd rather be weeding or mowing the lawn than vacuuming any day. (In the summer. If it ever gets here... sheesh.) Dog poop, however, I could happily do without. ;)

  3. sigh, i've never lived in a complex that actually had a work out or party room. You're fancy ;) And I love the fact that cleaning is so easy!

    xo marlen
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  4. as a fellow apartment dweller, I can relate to all of these!!! :)


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