07 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day came early this year...

Fun with the fam:)

1.  For Christmas, Jim and I got my whole family tickets to see Flogging Molly, a lively Celtic punk band.  Last night was the concert.  It was at the old theater in Detroit that is just gorgeous on the inside.  The music and dancing festivities were kicked of with a round of Irish car bombs at dinner (now I remember why I haven't had one in such a long time!) and as I fell asleep last night my ears were still ringing.
Jim had to work late (bummer!) but his BFF Jake came kept us crazy Breen's in line.

2.  Last Saturday my Uncle Mike and his family came into town for the baptism of their new little boy.  Mom and Dad were the godparents and did a fabulous job; they be professionals at godparenting 101.

After the baptism, we went over to my folks for a party...who am I kidding, I just came for the pizza and cake ;)  It was fun to see my Mom with my brothers and listen to old stories/memories and play with my little cousins...oh and of course hold baby Mickey!

3.  This evening till tomorrow I am going on a silent retreat with some ladies from church.  I'm really excited...something about prayerful silence that helps me relax and clear my mind and just BE.  I think it comes at a good time, especially as I dreading the start of Lent earlier this week. 
Here's to some silence and no phone for 24 hours!!

4.  We have lived in our apartment about 1 1/2 years, and since then I have been aware of the small gym room next to our laundry...however I had yet to grace it with my presence; that is, until Wednesday.  Some how I found they have cable in the gym, and since we don't have cable I decided what better way to enjoy a fix The Real Housewives and Full Hose re-runs, than making friends with the treadmill??  So that's the plan...enjoy some favorite shows whilst getting my sweaty on.

I also have a lot motivation to get more active in being World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland.  Yeah I know its over 1 year away, but I'm starting to realize the very very limited public transportation in a not very industrialized city...which means when a couple million of my Catholic brothers and sisters gather there, my legs won't be able to fail me.
So I'm starting the walking now:)


5.  On Mardi Gras was our belated staff Christmas party.  We feasted on the most tasty spare ribs and I made good friends with the strawberry cheesecake...and of course I loved the part where I got a small Christmas bonus which went right into our savings account.

6.  I have questions. on essential oil...I've seen different people writing about them and I'm interested in learning more.  What is the benefit? Are essential oils expensive?  Any good sources I can read and better educate myself?
Thank yee for any help you can offer:)

7.  Earlier this week I bought a whole of case of Matt Fradd's newest book for myself and our youth program.  The book is called "DeLIVEred", and is true stories of men and women who broke free from pornography addiction and share their stories of hope/strength.  Pornography addiction is a disease that kills.robs.steals.  When 47% of Christians who attend church weekly struggle with this, it NEEDS to be talked about in churches.  Looking forward to sharing the hope of this book with many others!


  1. My dad loves Flogging Molly. Ihadn't heard of them until recently, though... I do love me some good Celtic music!

    Also, I may have missed this, but what group are you going to Krakow with? Do they have room for one more? And how much is it? ;) Inquirin minds want to know.
    ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently: These things I love (vol. 4) http://bit.ly/1fbGB3c

  2. I'm pretty sure Olivia at To the Heights has written about essential oils! Do you read her blog?
    I wonder if our apt. gym has cable.... Thanks for the thought! haha
    Good luck with your silent retreat! :)

  3. I hope you have a blessed silent retreat, Patty! I went on a couple in college and had very rewarding and fulfilling experiences. May God bless you!


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