06 September 2013

Back to school...with a bouquet of sharpened pencils

It is Friday and that is something to jump for joy over:)  In keeping with tradition, I'm linking up with Jen again for the good ol' quick takes...

{1} Grad school classes started up again this week.  Even now as an adult (ish), I get SO excited about seeing the school supply section at Target; like it brings the hugest smile to my face:)  There is a scene in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan talks about getting a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, and I've always loved it since having a special place in my heart for back-to-school supplies.

I'm taking two classes for the fall semester, and one of them only meets every other week (heck yeah!).  I had my second class this afternoon; its a Scripture course where we intensely study the first 5 books of the Old Testament (the Pentateuch) to really understand and see how the story of salvation is written in even from the beginning of time/Scripture; to see that all of Scripture points us to Jesus.  The bishop who is teaching the course shared this quote today that really struck me: "The Bible is shallow enough for a child to wade in, but deep enough for an adult to swim in" -St. Augustine.  Looking forward to really getting into the Old Testament more intensely!  I love the fact I can study something that excites me and fills my heart with energy and passion:)

{2}  Since getting home from Brazil a month ago (has it really bee that long!?!?), our group of pilgrims has thoroughly shared our journey and experience with the folks of our church.  One awesome way we did this is through a kick booty video one of our pilgrims made.  She sent me a copy this week in the mail and to put on our church website.
Give er' a watch :)

{3} Growing up did anybody else legitimately think that Labor Day was a national holiday to honor women in labor to give birth!?!?! No just, me okay then...moving on right along...
On Monday, we went over to my folks for a bbq and a lively family game of Apples to Apples.  We had some drinks, ate some tasty pulled pork, and my sister and chatted about blogging and books we each have been reading. 
I'm really thinking about changing the name (re-branding?...I don't even know the terminology) the name of my blog.  Honestly, I'm not really the creative type and when I wanted to start blogging I just threw this title together to get going; now I'm just not crazy about it and what something that just reflects me better and sounds better.  All I have come up with on my own is "H is for Hubbard" (Jim and my sister quickly nixed that one) and "The Wifely Life"...
Any of you creative, type gals have idea's?? I'm stumped and am all ears for suggestions/idea's.

 In case you haven't heard, Pope Francis has called September 7 as a day of fasting and prayer in the world to pray for peace especially in Syria and also the Middle East.  Honestly it is scary to read some of the stories I have come across about the great persecution of Christians in this part of the world.  My question is what the heck is going to happen to these people whose homes and churches are already being destroyed and families being kidnapped/killed after a military strike???  We live in a broken fallen world due to sin (grad school education at work here:), but prayer and fasting are like spiritual dynamite, and I'm thinking with all the evil in our world and the horror going on in Syria and other places...what our world needs more of is PRAYER.

The awesome thing about what the Pope is ding is that he asking all people in the world: Catholic, non-Catholic, believers, non-believers, all people of good will to pray and offer up sacrifices together on Saturday to pray for peace in Syria.  Isn't praying for peace (whether you tight with Jesus or not) something we can all get behind?
Cause prayer and fasting isn't official until you get a cool graphic for it

Thursday night was the kick-off monthly meeting to our young adult group i.d. 916.  Jim and I went with my sister Annie and had a great time!  Mass, dinner, a relevant talk for young adults, and just great resources for trying to live out our faith as Christians.  In being in one of the small groups they run for women, it is really helping me meet other young women and especially new wives/mom's who are on a similar vocation path as me.
Next weekend they are having a fall retreat, and I am SO excited both Jim and I get to go.  Looking forward to spending all next weekend with the husband, other young adults...oh and yeah, Jesus too ;)

Last Sunday after Mass, Jim and I got to meet our little goddaughter, Eliana.  Her Mom and Dad brought her to Mass and afterwards when we were chatting, asked if we would like to hold her.  yes. please. Only two weeks old, she looked like a little doll in my arms, and it made my heart swoon.
The cutest thing is when I did a hand off to Jim of the baby (he has never really held a baby before) and it was awkward and sweet all wrapped into one.  You could tell he wasn't used to holding babies and he held her in this weird way so close to his face/mouth, later I said it looked like he was going to eat the baby.
Seeing him with a baby like that is crazy cool...and even more crazy.weird.cool. is thinking about us having little ones:)

Okay peeps, I need some advice.  I have never liked the smell and/or taste of the very very few times in my life I have tried coffee.  Jim is encouraging me to give it a second chance, especially Diet Coke doesn't give e the extra umph to plug through a busy, tiring day.
So I'm open to giving coffee a chance.  However, I have NO idea where to start.
Flavored or black coffee? cream or sugar? what are good types of liquid creamer to try?
Help a girl out as she branches out into a new area of caffeinated beverages.

 I'll leave you to get your Friday 'happy dance' on with Carlton Banks.  
 Seriously. How does this just not make you smile!?!?!

Have a fantabulous weekend!!

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  1. Thanks for joining in! Per #7: I didn't used to drink coffee either, and now I love it. Here's my favorite:

    - Pour a cup of Folger's Colombian medium roast
    - Add about a tbs of sugar
    - Add enough half and half to where it's a beige color (I love lots of cream)

    The perfect way to start a morning. :)

  2. #7: Whole milk and a shot or two of vanilla syrup. (Our northern California coffee chain Peet's makes it well. $tarbux is hit or miss.)

  3. You won't get any coffee help from me, I can't stand the stuff! I also get very excited about the school supply section at the store. Apples to Apples is a fun game.
    As far as a blog name, I think the best is to get something uniquely new--if the main thing in the title is only "husband" or "wife", people won't automatically relate it to YOU specifically. There are many similarly named blogs out there so sometimes it's nice to have something that sounds different enough and unique enough that people remember who you are when they hear the name of your blog.

  4. Ohh I love back to school as well...being a counselor in a school I went a lil overboard with the supplies this year! haha
    #7 Colombian coffee is the best! And, since I remember your love of fall, I'd try pumpkin spice creamer...it's my favorite!
    Or, if you still don't like coffee, I love black tea. Not as much caffeine, but better for you! It also tastes good with pumpkin spice creamer ;-)

  5. Congrats on your goddaughter! I totally know what you mean about seeing the guy you love holding a little baby =) I second Jen on the coffee with cream to start! Sometimes I like mine black, and other times with some creaminess in there. If you're into healthy-ish coffee, as in avoiding the Starbucks-type treats with tons of syrup and sugar, there are a lot of easy recipes on Pinterest and the like for making your own flavored drinks (pumpkin is my favorite!) using ingredients you probably already have, rather than having to buy expensive and chemical-y ones from the store. Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Start with the yummy coffees from bigby and then go from there (they are pretty much straight sugar, so good).
    Loved the video
    VERY VERY jealous of the ya retreat you get to go on. Now that we decided to bring a third in diapers into the world, we are pretty sure retreating as a couple is going to have to wait awhile. What a bummer. I am going to go to the one in december solo, so at least there's that!

  7. Your Pentateuch class sounds awesome, please share some of that with us on one of your future posts. I actually like "H is for Hubbard" and how about "The Hubbard Walk" because it's a journey with your husband, I don't know :) And you don't drink coffee!!!!!!!!!!! Put a little cream and sugar, but not too much....enjoy :D

    1. Thanks for the ideas on the name change, and for the coffee suggestions too!
      Have a great weekend! :)

  8. Coffee. . . Bleh. I love the way it smells though! Tea, girlfriend. Strong, black tea. Get yourself a good Earl Grey. Best way to make it through the day. And I have always loved your blog title. It makes me smile.

    1. I vote for tea, too! My favorite, though, is Irish Breakfast tea-- you can brew it for a looooooooong time and get it nice and strong without creating a bitter taste. Most other teas get bitter. I take mine with 2% milk. :-)

    2. Interesting I'm hearing so much about good dark tea's, you ladies make it sound not bad! thanks for all the idea's:)

  9. That is so awesome that you are part of a young adult group! I wish we had one here!

    As far as coffee...I only like it chocolaty! :)

  10. That is so awesome that you are part of a young adult group! I wish we had one here!

    As far as coffee...I only like it chocolaty! :)

  11. I know I'm super behind, but I didn't read any blogs while out of town. "I would send you a bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." :-)

    I would suggest something alliterative for your name maybe. Patty's Ponderings? Hubbard Happenings? I'll let you know if I come up with something better. I like what you have now though :-)

  12. I love the fresh pencils as well! I do know that there is another blog called "Tales of Me and the Husband," have you seen that? I do like "H is for Hubbard."


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