22 August 2013

Friday Quick Takes {vol. 17}

There are many times since getting married that I feel like this towards Jim as we go to bed...
 Yes, he snores.  It wouldn't drive so batty if I wasn't such a light sleeper.  And if I couldn't hear him with my ear plugs in, plus two fans going in the bedroom.  At least several times a week I am awoken by this sleeping bear, and when I am woken up by his "music" I typically kick him under the covers or shake him and say to cut it out.  This week, Jim ordered a mouth guard to sleep in to prevent him from snoring.  He has been using it for a week, and I haven't had any problems with noise pollution since he got it.  Thank. you. Jesus.  Jim even noticed that he feels better rested in the morning when he gets up too, so he must be sleeping better too.

Here's to hoping noisy nights of sleep are gone for good!!!
So far, so good:)

Sleeping snoring elephant

Monday night I hosted our women's small group meeting.  I'm really starting to feel comfortable with them and feel like we are becoming a little community together.  This next couple of weeks we trying something new.  Each of us is paired up with another gal to send each other little text reminders each day to remind each other to pray daily and just encourage each other through the weeks till we meet again.  I really like this because 1.the ol' prayer life needs a little pick-me-up and 2. it helps me get to know another gal in small group better too.  So far it has been going really well...and come on who doesn't need encouragement throughout the week!?!?

Jim and I are going to be godparents together!!  Last weekend we had a young married couple over whose first baby is due any day.  A few years ago, I helped lead the husband "Sam" through the RCIA process as a teen and was his sponsor for Confirmation.  Since then he married a woman "Sara" who is also a convert to Catholicism.  They both come from non-Catholic families but very much want to raise their little daughter in the Catholic faith.  Being that Jim and I are the only Catholics they know, they asked us to be the godparents for their daughter Eliana.
We're both so humbled and honored and are very much looking forward to being a support network to this young family and helping the parents do all we can to help raise Eliana in the Catholic faith.

Wednesday was just an all around rough day for both of us.  Jim is anxious and on edge waiting to hear back from some job leads and I just had a not so hot day at the office.  When I came home, Jim had surprised me by scrubbing the kitchen floor...it meant so much to me that I burst out into tears; just so appreciative of him going out his way to do that even though he didn't feel like it.
It ended up being a good night with some quiet prayer time, Middle Eastern leftovers, and curling up in bed watching one of my favorite old movies together, "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House."

It is crazy to think in just two weeks grad school classes start up again, and later in the month another year of youth ministry begins.  It feels like summer just flew by for me!  At the beginning if the summer, I had all of these grand expectations of things I wanted to do and prep for the upcoming youth ministry year; however between leadership training, a youth conference, prepping for WYD, and going to WYD, I just don't feel as rested or as prepared to start another year.  I'm totally excited and looking forward to it, but also wish I had more time to rest up and work on a couple more things.

For not being such a crafty gal, I have surprisingly been able to accomplish some pretty easy craft projects over these summer months.  If you're looking for some fun, simple things to try at home check out some the projects I've tried out here

I'm really excited to meet another blogger friend in real life this coming Monday.  I'm gonna grab some lunch with Jenna from Call Her Happy.  She is definitely one of my daily favorites to read; and I'm looking forward to getting to meet another Michigan blogger!! 
See you Monday girl! :)

On that note...


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  1. Angel rarely snores, but if he ever starts, I automatically just whack him and he'll stop. That would be quite a challenge if he snored all the time!

  2. So glad you fixed the snoring problem! Before I got to the end of the story I was going to suggest breathe right strips. I'll be Jim IS sleeping better--snoring is a sign that the person is not really sleeping anyway and if he snores all night you can bet he's not sleeping well. My husband went through two different phases where he snored and we almost had him do a sleep study, but then it eventually stopped again. Not sure what it was. Every now and then he'll snore for a period during a night, but it's so rare.

    Exciting about being godparents! I've never been asked and hope that we will be someday because I'd love to be a godparent. Eliana is the name of my cousin's brand-new baby!

  3. I love being a Godmother. Not is such a special connection to have with a child. Glad you fixed the snoring. We struggle with that sometimes too.

  4. Isn't it the best when the hubs does spontaneous things like that which mean so much more than a box of chocolates?? :) oh, and Jenna's the best! (I work with her mom.) Have fun!!

  5. That picture describes how I feel at night, but not because of snoring - because of the fact that my husband can fall asleep instantly the second his head hits the pillow, and it takes me a lot of tossing and turning before falling asleep haha!

    SO AWESOME that you two are going to be godparents!


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