08 August 2013

Friday Quick Takes {vol. 16}

Last Saturday were the Highland Games.  Jim and I went. Kilt and all.  We met up my brother, sister, and her fiance for a really fun afternoon of traditional Scottish fun like the caber toss, dancing, music, and Scottish meat pies and shortbread cookies.  Good company and good times all around! 
And no, we didn't see folks running around in blue war paint like Mel Gibson in Braveheart...although it would be quite a sight to see:)

It is has also been an icky week around these parts for me as I have been fighting the sinus infection from Hell.  Since coming home from Brazil, apparently exhaustion and not good sleep caught up with me.  At first I thought it was just a typical head cold, but when I woke up on Sunday with what looked like pink eye in my left eye, I freaked the freak out and we headed into urgent care.
Thankfully it wasn't pink eye, just some slight bacterial thing plus the sinus thing.  After getting some eye drops and an antibiotic, we were on our way home.  I'm feeling better but still really tired and sluggish.  I usually bounce back pretty well when I come home from traveling, but it has just been harder since I have been sick.  It has just been frustrating because I notice my energy level a lot lower and I haven't gotten half the things I wanted to this week cause I have been a sicky mcsickeron.
Thank goodness for good meds and my dearest friend right now, the netty pot!

This week I realized my sister Annie has also taken up blogging.  You should check out her stuff at This Northern Belle.  She is witty and fun and writes well too! Your welcome ahead of time:)

Annie's wedding shower is Saturday morning.  Excited to shower with love the last of the Breen gal's to marry!  Looking back at our shower, I was amazed how much stuff we got and were set for by the time we moved in together after the wedding...yay free present day!!!  Looking forwarding to dressing up, curling my hair, and a yummy brunch!!

This weekend in the diocesan newspaper there is a story about our World Youth Day pilgrimage.  I had also sent them some pictures, and when I opened it was really surprised to see an almost full page picture of our group at Christ the Redeemer statue!  It still blows my mind we were there and had they awesomely, amazing time that we did!

On Saturday evening my friend Rebecca is hosting a murder mystery dinner party.  I have never been to one before but have heard they are a lot of fun...looking forward to some fun girl time this weekend!

Keep Jim in your prayers as this week he has applied for some social work jobs as he continues to build up a clientele base and network.  One particular one is where he did one of his year-long internships and then worked there the summer we got married.  He was well liked and had a good reputation there, so hoping something will turn up soon!  St. Joseph, patron saint of workers, pray for him and lead him o the right job!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)
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  1. There used to be Highland Games near us every year when we lived in Glasgow, KY. I've been to one murder mystery dinner and it was a blast! I bet yours will be awesome.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. The neti pot = wonderful.

  3. Feel better soon lovely!! I hope Jim gets His dream job!! :))


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