10 April 2013

Five Favs {vol. 4}


Another weekly link-up with Hallie! And welcome to the world, baby Charlie!

Pope Francis continues to AMAZE me. 

This is what love looks like.  This is what respect for the dignity of the human person looks like.  This is faith being lived out in action.  Every time I watch this video I'm moved to tears.  Watch it.  And have some Kleenex near by. for. real.

There's also an interview available of the father of this precious little boy being interviewed.  Check it out.   

This article by Ann Voskamp.  Her heart-felt writing and deep insight are always a meaningful read for me.  Of course like many other Christians, I was so saddened by the news of Pastor Rick Warren's son Matthew taking his own life.  No, I don't know him personally, but he is a brother in the Lord...and we are told when one member of the body of Christ is suffering, the whole body suffers.  Lift up Pastor Rick, his wife, family, and the soul of his son in your prayers....I cannot imagine the deep grief and suffering they are going through and only pray they will be comforted by our prayers and sacrifices.

This. article.
I really really love being Catholic.  Not in some blind-obedience way. But rather in some joyful, passionate, cannot-control-my-enthusiasm-kinda-way.  This article very briefly summarizes some of the things best I love about my faith:)  If you aren't Catholic or don't understand this, feel free to send me an e-mail, I would love to share it with you:)

My Dad sent me this article earlier this week.  
It might sound weird to consider this a 'favorite' because the Defense Department categorized Catholics and Evangelical Christians as "extremists" groups similar to the KKK and Al Qaeda. Really!?!?!?  I would LOVE to know the reasoning behind that one.  I put it here because I think its something important to be aware of; the cultural shift in our world that is labeling us for what we believe...crazy times.  We have to be ready to "give our reason for the hope we believe in" at all times. And for any cost.  Maybe that whole zombie apocalypse thing is coming sooner than we all think?? (reference to 'The Walking Dead' ;-)

Stumbled across this post today...7 Deadly Sins of Catholic blogging 
The first one made me laugh out loud. hard.  Any tips you would give a new blogger?

P.S.  On a random note, please say some prayers for the hubs and I this week...we are both finishing up big papers for school and have finals next week, and he is getting ready to graduate in less than a month.  So let' just that scrubbing toilets will probably not be our first priority this weekend...even though my inner control freak doesn't like that fact:)


  1. HAHAHA I died laughing at the 7 deadly sins of catholic blogging. I can remember back in high school in the world of xanga and myspace having autoplay music was the "cool thing to do" now it's bad. This #crazycatlady fails for posting pictures of her cats. At least the other crazycatladies like my pictures.

    I hadn't really heard of Ann Voskamp but everything Iv'e been reading about her is awesome! I'm getting really excited for October when I'll get to hear her speak at the ALLUME conference!!

    1. I know right, too funny! Autoplay drives me bonkers.

      Let me know how that conference is with Ann, I'll bet it would be awesome!

  2. Prayers headed your way. I loved loved LOVED that piece on mental illness. And, with the new reports of Catholics being extremists, all I kept thinking is what Cardinal George said, "I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history."- Cardinal george

    1. Mary, I LOVE that qoute from Cardinal George. More and more, I really believe that is a true prohecy we will see in our lifetimes...not that I'm some doomsday kinda person, but you know what I mean?

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. As far as the P word goes, I honestly think almost every man has a problem with it sometime in their life. Whether it is when they're 10 years old, or 90. It really is common.

    Also, the 7 deadly sins of catholic blogging is fun. I'm not a catholic, BUT, autoplay music drives me up the wah-zoo! Because I can never find where it's coming from on my many tabs! haha!

    Excited to get to know you more!


    1. Thanks Amanda! I know right?! Nothing is worse than bad auotplay music for sure!
      Looking forward to getting to know you too :)

  4. I also enjoy Ann Voskamp's blog and ministry. Do you ever get the feeling she is knit on the inside and on her journey "home"? I pray. Talk about an intentional disciple! And while we are chatting about Ann and deadly blogging mistakes, she has the autoplay music on her site. Don't like it one bit, but she's very successful and very good. The moral of the story: if you're Ann Voskamp, you can get away with it! :)

    Prayers for you and your hubs. Joel and I were both grad students when we first married, and I remember those emotions well.

    1. LOL, Lisa! I think we can make an exception for Ann, because it is good auto play music too ;-) And I think its okay for her journey "home"...my Mom prays for folks like Madonna and Tom Cruise who were raised Catholic still:)

      Thanks for the prayers...I know he is ready to be done!

      I really like your blog...found it from another Catholic friend of mine...great stuff:)

  5. LOVED the article on Catholic blogging. And the shameless references to Jen and Mark, both of whom are two of my favorite bloggers. I've never heard of Mr. Things Not to Do guy. Perhaps there is something there. ;-) (I'm totally kidding - he was hilarious). I'm not sure I even know HOW to have background music on a blog these days...

    As for Pope Francis, yes yes and oh my goodness yes. So far, I think he visited my blog/facebook/confessional and is pretty much just going down the list. No complaining - right. No gossip - got it. Next thing you know he's going to tell me cleanliness is next to godliness so get on it. Mark Shea summed it up best the other day - it is fantastic how providence has given us three Holy Fathers who seamlessly continue where the last one left off. God bless them all!

    And many prayers for the two of you in the coming week. If I don't see you before then, hopefully we'll see you at the end of April! (sorry for the novel length comment!)

    1. I'm with you on not having the faintest idea of how to do the auto play thingy! ;-)

      God certainly knew what He was doing when he blessed the Church with our recent Pope's.

      Thanks for the prayers! We've both been kind of driving each other nuts with paper writing and 'trying' to keep a semi-livable apartment ;) I'm really excited for the gathering in April...and another Catholic blogger I know in the are may go with her husband too!


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