15 April 2013

Coffee and Convo...

Joining a new link-up today with Kalyn and Lauren for some...
Coffee & Conversation 
This week's topic:

What do you consider your two greatest strengths?  What about the areas would you like to improve?

One strength I think I have is that I'm really passionate about things in life: my family/friends, my faith/relationship with God, personal interests and hobbies, and certain issues in the world.  When I'm all for something, I'm in 100% and hard core.  Its great to have things that excite us, and fill our lives with meaning and purpose...I mean God didn't put us here so we would live meaningless, boring lives, right??    One area I can improve on this at times is I can come across as a little pushy at times.  I have learned this lesson with respect to my faith life.  I can be totally passionate and on fire for Jesus and what I believe in, but the minute I become judgmental and turn on a 'holier-than-thou' attitude, that totally is NOT the way God sees or wants it.  I wrote a recent post on my own thoughts and experience on that in my own life here if you interested.

Another strength I see in myself is I want to help other people, want to take care of the people I love.  I love to do special little things for my husband, family, and friends...and even for folks who maybe I don't know: like pay for the person's food behind me in a fast food line or pray silently for the people in line with me at the bank.  With that desire to want to take care of others needs as a genuine concern, sometimes I put myself on the back burner.  I wait until everything builds up with stress and feeling overwhelmed and then I'm like an emotional volcano just spewing stuff everywhere...thankfully the different personalities in my husband and I balance each other out.  I'm more the up tight control freak, and he is more laid back and easy going.  He reminds me its important to take time to refresh, pray, do things I enjoy, and not get so worked up about the little things.
Its important to acknowledge our strengths, but also reflect on how we may at times misuse our strengths and use them against ourselves...
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  1. What wonderful strengths! My husband and I balance each other out too. He is much more low key than I am. I can't imagine what our life would be like if we were both like me. :)

    1. Know I really believe more than ever that saying, opposites attract...at least in our case its true and works well :)

  2. Great reflections! The more I learn about you, the more I think you and I (and our husbands) have in common, haha. We haven't officially made our decision about the New Evangelization training yet but if nothing else we will be at the May meeting!

    1. LOL! That's sweet of you to say. Its funny cause I told my husband about you and how I have this bloggy Catholic friend and how we're hoping to meet soon. It'll be good when we all meet, cause then he'll see I'm not making stuff up ;-)
      Either way, I'll see you in a few weeks at one or both! :)

  3. It's so true, opposites attract and thank goodness right! It's so great to have a partner that balance you out!

    xoxo Jamie

    1. Ain't that the truth sister?!?! Your little boy is adorable, and wow you look great for being a new momma! rock. it. out.


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