13 January 2018

Spend Lent with Women of the Bible

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Growing up in my family we were not the type that ever read the Bible together or learned how to pray pray with Scripture. 

I always heard Scripture at Mass and I knew lots of stories about different saints. But I never had a personal relationship with the Word of God. 

It wasn't until my mid to late twenties I really began to fall in love with Scripture in a much more personal, intimate way. 

Several years ago I started to discover the many heroic, strong women of the Old and New Testament. 

I came to see myself and my story in the stories of women like Ruth, Judith, Tamar, Esther, Mary Magdalen, Martha, and Anna the prophetess. Each of them taught me something deeper about myself.

So when I heard the the Blessed Is She Lent Journal would feature a variety women from both the Old and New Testament I got super pumped!

Written by Laura Kelly Fanucci, it promises to be as rich and fruitful as the one she also wrote for Advent this year. Each week will look at different women of the Bible. 

Over the course of Lent we will have spent time praying and reflecting with a variety of women from both the Old and New Testament. Every journal I have used has been a gift to me, some in huge ways and others in a more simple, quiet manner.

Along with the journal itself, we have additional options such as the Lent bundle, which includes a beautiful hand painted print and Marian prayer cards.

And of course we have the first ever Catholic Journaling Bible available! I have been loving mine even though I worry about making it look ugly from time to time ;-). 

Ever since Blessed Is She began, we have always sold out of both the Advent and Lent journals. So please be sure to purchase your copy sooner rather than later. 

Whether it is your first or fifth time doing a liturgical journal with us, I so look forward to spending the 40 days Lent with my sisters in Christ all over the globe.

To purchase your copies of She Who Believed or any other goodies, mosey on over here.

God bless your Lenten journey, sisters. 

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