07 January 2018

Merry 2018

... Dusts off the ol' blog ...

Bueller, Bueller? 
Anyone there?

I feel like Christy in that I feel like I forgot how to blog. I don't think if I've ever been great at it but I have enjoyed it and most especially the friends I have made through blogging. 

I have always loved writing but as blogging has changed over time, my commitment to it has had ups and downs. 

It might not earth-shattering or well-polished but I want to make more time this year for putting words here and hopefully having more conversations with you here.

Last week I sat down to go through my PowerSheets from 2017 to reflect and look back on all the moments of the last year.

So many good things. Some hard things too. 

A week into January and it feels like so.much. has already happened in 2018.

I spent the last few days of 2017 at the One Thing conference in Kansas City. 

This weekend at the Encounter Conference with some friends. Let's just say #Encounter2018 is now known as Pentecost Saturday.

Photo by Encounter Ministries
I have spent lots of time snuggling my sweet nephew and getting over a nasty cold.

Tomorrow I start my job as a Pastoral Associate at a new parish.

After Beth did one particular Teachable Tuesday video on a saint and a word for 2018. I have been asking God for a word each new year for several years right now but never done the same with choosing a saint. 

The word I ended up with was PRESENT. When the saint name generator gave me St. Therese of Lisieux I inwardly groaned. 

Before you throw rocks at me, I think part of the reason is Therese and I are definitely opposites of everything from personality, temperament, and Myers-Briggs. After I stopped my whining and gnashing of teeth for not getting someone else, I decided that there are probably some lessons St. Therese has to teach me in the coming year.

Who knows maybe she'll have even more to teach me about being present! :)

Whatever your word or goals for 2018 are, I am hoping the New Year is full of hope and promise.

What is your word or saint for 2018?

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  1. I'm so happy to see you back on the blog! It sounds like 2018 has started off well for you :) I find it kind of hilarious/ironic/awesome that you got St. Therese for this year. While I love St. Therese and can't personally relate to those feelings, I know of several other people who just can't stand her for various reasons. There's a book I read in college with my household, "The Love that Keeps us Sane," and I remember liking it-from what I recall, it gave a little different look at Therese than the image on holy cards (she just seemed more human in this book).

    I didn't use the saint generator, but several months ago, St. Alphonsa really put herself on my heart, so I've slowly been thinking and praying about her more and really believe that I need to do something concerning her this year-whether it's writing short reflections on her life or just asking for her intercession more, I'm not quite sure.

  2. Glad you back! I'm always excited when I see your posts pop up in my inbox!

    I was totally where you are with St. Therese! She is my patron Saint (my name is Claire Therese), but I felt like zero connection to her. Last year Fr. Michael Gaitley (author of 33 Days to Morning Glory, which I also highly recommend!) wrote a book called "33 Days to Merciful Love." It is a do-it-yourself retreat in preparation for consecration to Divine Mercy using St. Therese's "little way." Fr. Gaaitley recommends doing it leading up to Divine Mercy Sunday.
    OH MY! It was SO good!!! It totally made me see st Therese in a different way and I learned so much more about divine mercy! I really can't recommend it enough!!

  3. Oh you are too sweet Claire! Thanks for the encouragement with Therese....funny you mention that book because I bought it in August when I went to a Fr. Gaitley Marian retreat, but have YET to read it. Maybe this is the kick in the pants I need ;-)

  4. I felt this way about St. Therese for a time too, but she became one of my best heavenly friends towards the end of high school. I'd definitely give her a chance. ;)
    My husband gave me "My Sisters the Saints" for Christmas, which I gobbled up in a few days. She also had similar feelings towards St. Therese, but shares how the Little Flower wove her way into her heart. I think you would really enjoy the book, and not just because of her story of connecting with Therese.


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