26 February 2016

On Becoming a Woman of Grit & Grace

One of my favorite things about blogging and writing is discovering different writers and creative dreamers. I love finding new people that really make me think or try something new. One such place online I've recently discovered is Grit & Virtue

Honestly the only other time I have heard the word grit is when being referred to a well-loved dish hailing from the South (grits). Feeling rather certain this sweet community was not named after a savory breakfast food, I was curious to do some digging and see what the word meant.
Grit refers to courage and resolve, a person with endurance and resilience. Grit is strength of character. It is passion, purpose, and perseverance. Grit equals bravery.

The more I thought about it I realized that those are words I want to describe me, how I want to live my life and be engaged with the world around me. I want to be a woman who is courageous; one who faces the dreams and messes of life with resolve and patient endurance. I want to be a tough cookie, not rough or mean. But toughness in relation to strength of character. 

Grit to be courageous and speak up when your voice is needed when it may be easier to keep silent or blend in. Grit to not let people or situations in life knock you down, but rather you thrive instead of survive. To allow your God-given talents, passions, and big dreams to be used to build God's Kingdom wherever you are put.

And we women need grace too. Most importantly showing grace to ourselves when feeling we don't measure up or aren't (          ) enough. Fill in the blank.
There is a need of grace in all of us to love ourselves from a place of self care and affirmation rather self-hatred and frustration. We need grace to love and serve others well. If  you're a believer, then God's grace to help you become the woman you were created to be.

Grace is more than just elegance, charm, and class. Grace is also a reminder of whom is and is not God, it reminds me to get out of the way. Grace is not just spiritual, but also emotional and psychological. Grace reminds what is possible when I am in not charge or what wild, beautiful things happen when I let go of control.
Women in today's culture more than ever need a balance of both grit and grace. So much is thrown at us and sadly so much (perfection) is expected of us. The standards are impossible in our culture. But holding ourselves to a standard of grace not perfection is freedom in more ways than one.

Slowly I am learning in my life...it is not about the destination but the journey; all the experiences, situations, people, messes, and memories that shape a woman of strength and courage. You don't get strong enough to run a marathon overnight. It takes time, patience and endurance. It is the same thing in becoming a woman of grit and grace, it takes time and patient endurance. 

I am thankful for all the different beautiful, creative examples that give me different glimpse of what it means to live with grit and grace. So thank you Bonnie, Susana, Jenna, Mary #1, Amy, Molly, Mary #2, Nell, and Christy...each you reveal unique, beautiful snippets of this stuff lived out.

Who are the people that inspire or challenge you to become a better version of yourself? Who are the women in your life you see living with grit and grace?

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  1. I love that you mention how this process takes time-it's a good reminder to be patient with ourselves as we grow in "grit & grace," since that doesn't happen overnight. One of my role models is the biblical figure, Judith. When I was a young girl, I opened up a children's illustrated Bible, and saw a picture of a beautiful woman holding a head that was dripping with blood-I was hooked, and I wanted to read this story and learn more about this strong-but graceful-woman. Her courage, guts, and reliance on God are pretty cool :)

  2. I LOVE this... I'm gonna write a blog to answer your question.


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