30 November 2015

Why Advent is like 'Breaking and Entering'

Yes it really is.

While my Dad was in seminary prior to his ordination, he had several classes with a nun named Sr. Mary Finn. She was sweet, kind, and had the most interesting experiences when it came to ministry with other people. Honestly, this sweet old thing could write books on all her unique experiences of serving others.

My Dad always told us this story to describe the season of Advent in a unique way, that Sr. Mary once shared in his class.

One Advent Sr. Mary was visiting her friend Lester who was in prison. Never having grown up in a family where faith was lived out or taught, he asked her what the season of Advent was all about. She stopped and thought for a minute, trying to think of a way to explain it in a way Lester would understand.

"Well Lester," she replied "Advent is like breaking and entering. Jesus breaks in and enters in your heart." Lester smiled. He got that.

Advent is like a break-in. God wants to break into our lives and for us to draw closer to Him. But He never forces us to be in relationship. There is so much in my own life to I need to allow God to break down, re-shape, and change in me. And Advent is a time for that; to let the broken parts of me be changed and made into something stronger. 

I cannot enter into something deeper with God if I'm not yet first broken down and humbled.

Advent is the beginning of the New Year, in relation to the liturgical calendar. And with the New Year, it gives us yet another opportunity to look at our life and where we are headed.

Where are you headed as this season of Advent begins? What needs to broken in you, so that God enter more in your heart? (For me, its all about my pride and thinking I am in total control ;-).

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  1. Awesome post, Patty! Even though I've been a Catholic my entire life (well, there was a time I drifted off...), I've just started to learn what Advent is all about. I really liked your thoughts (or the sister's ;-)). I feel God is clearly wanting be to break off of fear in my life and allow Him to transform me. I am afraid of sharing Him with others (except my husband, blog, and kiddos in CCD - ironically), because I'am afraid of making others uncomfortable. Or with my parents and friends, because I am afraid of them judging me, etc. Anywho, I hope I am making sense, lol! Thank you, again!

    1. LOL! Thanks Gabby:) I think even if we have grown up with sacred traditions like Advent there is always more for us to learn from and apply in our life...

  2. Happy new year friend. I am excited to see how God uses you in this next year.

  3. Happy New Year! I LOVE this analogy, it's so perfect :) This Advent, I think God definitely wants to do some work on getting me some growth in humility and silence-lately, there have been situations where prideful me has NOT wanted to do the whole humility thing, and I've definitely been shying away from silent prayer a lot lately. So, I'm pretty excited for some good prayer and growth this Advent!

  4. Such a cute story, Patty! I love that she used his personal experience to better explain and draw him nearer to understanding. Thanks for sharing!
    Peace, Sarah


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