13 October 2014

That time I met the President of the United States...

.....well technicalities aside it was when George H.W. Bush ran for president, BUT he did win and then became president. So in my book it still counts.

Obviously I am an introvert
No matter your political leanings its kind of cool to say you met the President future president...and if that ain't cool enough, getting on the front page of the newspaper in color is not too shabby either.

I was recently at my parents picking something up and strolled in the hallway of the infamous Breen family pictures. Seeing this one of George and I, brings back the vague memories I still have of that day...

Nov. 1988 I was a new-ish 3 year old with my little brother Timmy almost 2 (oh did I mention we both met George?!).  This is how my Mom tells the story....

Momsy was at home mopping the floor (thrilling.) with two crazy toddlers running around.  Her younger brother called her and said the Vice President was speaking that afternoon at a local community college and asked if she wanted to come.  Mom hemmed and hawed because apparently its not a good idea for two little people to miss or postpone nap time.  Eventually she caved in.  Good call Mom.

So the four of us are all there wandering around at the rally when my Mom notices some guys are kind of following us around. Um creepy!? Turns out they were the Secret Service.  They approached my Mom and uncle and said they were looking for a nice American family and asked if us kids wanted to meet George and Barbara Bush.  Apparently we looked like a normal American family...they should come back and see us all now.  How does a parent say no to the Secret Service?!

Funny I don't remember being held by Mr. Bush or my famous hand wave in my pink penguin jacket BUT I do remember being passed to Mrs. Bush.  Barbara Bush has completely white hair and went totally white at a young age.  I still remember being held by her and thinking, "Hey this lady looks A LOT like Grandma Breen. Hmmm..."  Now my grandma was all white hair and that happened at a young age for her as well. Apparently after meeting the future first Lady/Grandma impersonator, I was passed on down to dear ol' George.  I still chuckle looking at what a little ham I was up there...I definitely was very shy as a child.

You can seem my Mom underneath Dan Quayle's right elbow in her 80's glasses and green rain coat. Trying not to judge you based on the fashion of the 80's mama-cita.

So that's my claim to fame friends...well at least until I write a best-seller or win "America's Got Talent"...

But what about you...have you ever met anyone famous??
Pray do tell!! :)


  1. That picture is GREAT! I love it! It's so awesome that you met him. I've always wanted to meet a president! :-D I've mostly just met Mexican soap opera teenage boys (actors) which this teenager (back in the day) was teenaged crazy about! Lol. And Taylor Swift and Shakira. Do they count? Haha!

  2. This is such a cool story!! Also, I'm loving the new blog template :)

  3. What a perfect picture! And quite the story to go along with it! Whenever I'm asked if I've met anyone famous my response is that the most famous person I've ever met is myself. ;P Although that's not true, I've still never met anyone actually famous. I mean, I was basically star-struck when I walked past the president of my college on the sidewalk--I doubt I'd ever recognize a real famous person, though. I did meet one of the band members of Casting Crowns (Christian Band) because he was a cousin of my friend and we went to a very early concert of theirs like 10 years ago. Angel says that when he was in high school he met and talked to Whoopi Goldberg at the mall. He grew up in the LA area so I think famous people are a little more par for the course over there.

  4. Ahhh!! SO cool! I can't believe that's you! My hubby had meet George W. Bush, but I've personally never met a president!

  5. This is so cool!!!! How fun that you have a picture. It totally looks like you could be running for president someday from this picture. ;-)

  6. Patty, your story is so cute and funny. Oddly enough I have a parallel story of the same. My dad was an attorney for the Michigan Democratic Party, so when Michael and Kitty Dukakis came to visit Detroit, I was the little youngin' that got to go on stage with them. It's neat to see such a parallel of the the same story.

    1. Jamie your similar story is TOO COOL!!! Do you still remember it...we both be famous kiddies ;-)


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