18 January 2014

What to do you when you overfill the crock-pot...

...well for starters, you don't pull a Teresa.  It's really nothing to flip a table over ;)
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Linking up with Jen and her lovely crew for some quick-takery of goings on in the past week.

{1}  Because you're a sharp crayon, you realized there was probably a small mishap in making dinner this week when the crock-pot over-flowed.  My brother-in-law was recently telling us about his dee-lic new pork roast recipe he and his wife/sister made for dinner.  How does a pork roast marinated in orange juice, BBQ sauce, baby potatoes, onions, carrots, and array of spices sound?!  Amazing beyond belief?? Yeah, that's what I though too.  After I heard the ingredients I felt like one of Pavlov's dog with all the drool action going on.
After hitting up the grocery store, Jim and I decided to make this feast for dinner.   It all went great until he realized the crock-pot was WAY to filled up and then after five hours of cooking realized we forgot to add the spices.  So we knew when we took everything out to eat, we'd have a lovely little mess to clean-up.  20 minutes of cleaning up aside, oh and no spices, this dish was sick.
BBQ sauce is splendid and orange juiced soaked baby potatoes may not be your cup of tea, but I'm telling you it was worth the wait and mess.  My mouth was happily enjoying the flavor party going on.

{2} I am so excited because a Youth Group meeting we are using tomorrow night is going to get published on this website.  Tomorrow night we are having a night one Time magazine's fav person of the year, Pope Francis.  So our 10th grade youth leaders came up with this awesome idea to celebrate and learn about Frank in a modern, relevant way for teens.
Did you ever play with Pokemon as a kid??  Well they created a scavenger hunt through our church building and are calling it "Pope-a-mon"...if you're a really sharp crayon, you'll notice the play on words here;)  But the best part is the scavenger hunt is made up of clues with crazy, random facts about the Pope.  Top it off with a pinata and some great YouTube clips, and I think it will be a great way to make learning about Frank fun and cool.

{3}  Speaking of Frank, can I just say it is two years away and I am already so.excited. for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland!?!?!
I am on the WYD committee for our archdiocese.  Which basically means I attend meetings where we get lots of papers, discuss the details for the WYD pilgrimage to Poland our diocese will offer, and if we finish early get a free lunch at the seminary cafeteria.  I like food...especially pierogies ;)
I am hopeful I can take another group of teens and young adults from our parish to experience all the awesome, crazy, holy, insanity that is World Youth Day.

 {4}  Less really is more.  I am thinking and reflecting on that more...and on why I hate shopping malls {somewhat}

{5}  I suck at trying to drink a good amount of water everyday, especially as I am working to kick my love affair with Diet Coke.  I thought I was on the fast track to success when Jenna once told me about this app on your phone that tracks how much water you drink every day and even gives you reminders throughout the day.  Well for 2 weeks I was rocking it out at that, and then kinda stopped.  But when of the gals in my small group told me how she cuts up fresh cucumber and lemon in a pitcher of ice water, I decided to give it a try.  And wow-o-wow...my water has a vibrant burst of flavor that just made me happy and smile more as I chugged down my H2O.
Try it out...maybe it will help you get more water into your day.

{6}  Today (Saturday) was a great, but long day.  In our diocese, we celebrated MLK Jr. day a little early with a day of service in Detroit.  Close to 400 hundred teens came out to do work service in the name of Jesus and in memory of a great man's life.  Our youth group joined up with my ministry bestie and his youth group to make 1,200 personal hygiene kits for homeless folks in less than 2 hours! It was an awesome day filled with prayer, laughs, and community building.  Days like this make me so appreciative of the job I get to do:)

{7}  Yesterday I watched this 50 some minute documentary on what life is like inside the secret state of North Korea.  I honestly knew very little about this country and that it was Communist; not much more than that.  Seriously.  WATCH THIS.  It's worth the time and really opened my eyes, and made me so much more grateful for the life in this country I am blessed to have.

Have a great weekend peeps! Say a prayer our "Pope-a-mon" night is a success, and that especially nobody gets hurt when its pinata time ;-)


  1. Yes on the water! I struggle with drinking enough water too. I do lemon, cucumber. and mint...so good. Praying your pope a mon goes well!

  2. Cucumber lemon water sounds so refreshing! I've heard watermelon Nd mint is a good combo, too. I am really bad at drinking water unless you count the water in all the cups of coffee I drink on the daily!

  3. Large amounts of water intimidate me. It's in my tagline most places. That huge bottle, and I have to drink it? Will the Water Judge zap me if I don't complete the mission? All very scary.
    You're in my tribe.
    SUPER excited. But I feel like I am cheating.

  4. Haha. Oh goodness, that crockpot situations sounds like it definitely could have happened to me. ;-) And the trip to Poland sounds amazing. :-)

  5. I think my natural reaction when things go wrong IS to pull a Teresa and flip the table. ;) One of my goals is to drink more water also...I may have to give your tip a try!

  6. I'm glad dinner still ended up super tasty in spite of a rather inconvenient mess!!


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