03 January 2014

Cheetah-print slippers are my happy place:)

Okay friends, I know I've probably come very late to the party on this one; but wow-o-wow, The Hunger Games is an awesome read!!!  Like really awesome.  New Year's Day I finally cracked it open and couldn't put it down...well almost, at least until it was time to make and then consume some blueberry Belgian waffles.  I will stop almost anything for yummy food.
Only about 5 chapters in I love the story theme in good vs. evil, and I'm already wondering/sensing if there is some type of redemption plot line.  I love a good story line when good ultimately triumphs over evil.
The summit of Croagh Patrick in Ireland...a mountain St. Patrick hung out on
Speaking of New Year's Eve, we had a nice, quiet evening.  At our parish, one of the associate priest's was doing a vigil Mass for the holy day the following day (Mary, the Mother of God) at 8pm just for young adults.  It was not a huge crowd, but small, intimate, and very sacred.  It was great because my two besties were there too (one who happens to be a sister in Ohio and was up for a family visit).  It was great to laugh and remember all of our crazy memories together; especially when the three of us clowns traveled together:)

After Mass, there was a pot-luck downstairs.  We laughed, ate good food, and had great conversations.  Then at 11:30pm, Fr. Steve led us in a time of prayer, worship, and song before Jesus.  It was grand.  Come on, for.real.  What better way to ring in the New Year than with the King of Kings?

Jim plays guitar, and over the last few months has begun to learn the chords of different praise/worship songs.  This past weekend, he asked for the first time to sing along with him while he plays.  Thought I am quite sure no one at Sony will be offering us a contract any time soon, it's special to be able to share together.  Tonight we spiced up our prayer time by just playing and singing worship songs by candle light and the lit Christmas tree (cause Christmas is still going on, till ol' Epiphany! #partyonchurch)

Because on New Year's Eve, we were up late partying it up with Jesus, we slept in until 11am on Wednesday.  It was glorious, especially for me where sleeping in for me is 9am.  We decided to make to put our new Belgian waffle maker we got for Christmas to work.  We made a tasty batch of blueberry Belgian waffles for breakfast which we didn't promptly eat until 5pm.  #lazydayprobz
All we did was veg in our jammies, read, watch piles of snow fall outside our windows, and stuff our faces with waffles.  2014 was off to a good start around these parts:)

One of my late Christmas presents arrived this week; the ever glorious and comfy, Snooki Slippers.  Even though watching Jersey Shore is like watching a horrific train wreck happen, these 'snooki slippers' are the most comfy and warm slippers I have ever worn/owned.  And the cheetah print design just makes me smile...every lady needs a little animal print in her life:)

This week I got to have coffee with some friends on two different occasions.  The first time I went out with one of the gals from my small group.  We've been prayer partners over the last few weeks, and decided it would be nice to catch up on a more personal basis after the holidays.
Then yesterday, I grabbed coffee with another friend while the snow whirled around outside.  Beth is like a second mom to me; she's actually old enough to be my Mom, but she is great encourager and such a prayer warrior.  Good friends are such a treasure.

On a sad note, somehow a clump of lights on the Christmas tree are out.  It first happened on Sunday evening, but Jim jiggled them around and re-plugged then in, and Bam! they were working fine.  But yesterday as I was getting my hunger games on (reading not eating waffles), out of a corner of my eye I saw a flicker of light and the same clump was out again.  We cannot seem to see what the problem is.  So I guess new tree lights is the first order of business next December.
 Our tree...before the tree lights decided to give out on half of the tree.

 All you folks on the East Coast or in the Mid-West, stay warm and safe during the snow-apocalypse!

Have a cozy weekend...I'll be spending it in my Snooki slippers with mug-o-tea in hand:)


  1. I'm so glad your new years celebrations were so good!!!! How awesome to ring in the New Year worshiping our Lord!!! :-)

  2. Coffee with girlfriends is so good for the soul! I got to meet some of mine (who live out of town) last week for coffee and it really recharged me. :-)

  3. I never thought anything would win over Hunger Games, but I see now I was wrong. I would also pick blueberry Belgian waffles. I bet Katniss would too.

  4. Those slippers crack me up! You will need to post a picture of them on your feet. I loved The Hunger Games - the books were so much better than the movie.

  5. The lights on my staircase are out. I am not kidding - I finally have a staircase tow rap garland and lights around a la Father of the Bride style and they went out. I spent an hour or so replacing all the burned out looking bulbs. They were back on, then a week later? They were out. I gave up. Spotty stair Christmas. That was my decoration. First order of biz, new lights 12/2014!

    Happy New Year !!!


  6. I have yet to read the Hunger Games, though my younger sister said she read the entire trilogy. I guess I took the shortcut of just watching the movies without reading the books first--not always the best idea!


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