19 July 2013

7 Quick Takes {vol. 14}

Linking up with Jen one more Friday before jetting off this evening to Brazil...be sure to check out the link up party at her place :)

Monday is my day off from the office each week.  This past Monday was extra special because I got to meet in real life and have lunch w a friend I have met through blogging, Stephanie.  I wrote about it HERE

This week has just been full of final packing and meetings for WYD.  Friday our group is meeting at church at 2:30pm where we'll attend Mass together and then after some goodbye's and final announcements we're off to the airport!!  We should be arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil around 7:30am on Saturday...better make sure to bring some Melatonin to ensure getting some sleep!

For any of you local folks in the area, on Friday July 26th at 9:15am on 990AM our group of pilgrims will be doing a live interview from Rio with a local Catholic radio station...be sure to give a listen!!  The interview is the day after the official arrival of Pope Francis, so I'm sure we'll have some exciting stories to share of our pilgrimage so far :)

I'm almost finished with this really great book! It is the autobiography of Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  Basically he was like the Catholic version of Billy Graham in the 1950/60's.  He actually had a live prime time TV show where he taught about the Catholic in a relevant, lasting way.  My favorite two chapters are where Sheen talks about the 'hour that made his day', and as a young priest he began the practice of starting each day with an hour of Eucharistic Adoration...I'm pretty sure he was able to do some much with his life because he gave the first part of his day to the Lord.  Another chapter is where he talks about making converts.  The cool thing is that he makes it not about hitting people over the head with a Bible, but speaking the truth in love.  Not to mention he has some awesome stories of being used by God to reach others. way. cool.
Give a read!

We had another tiff about chores this week. Argh.  I started up with my usual "We need more structure to have a well run home and a chore chart is a great idea for that" rant and Jim responded with his "No offense, I'm looking for a job and trying to build up a counseling practice and chores is the last thing on my mind...if it looks dirty then I'll clean it" rant.  It wasn't something huge, but for us it seems to be a recurring theme with us.  I know I've mentioned it before, and clearly we're still a work in progress with how chores go around our home.

I have a guest post coming out on July 23rd on Wifessionals  Kaitlyn has lots of great posts and all kinds of neat idea's to help new bloggers.  My guest post is some tips (but I am NOT claiming to be an expert by.any.means.) to have a Christ centered marriage.

Check back here over the next 11 days I am gone in Brazil, I have some great gal guest posting for me:)  I'll put in a good word for ya with Pope Francis! ;-)

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  1. Wishing you a safe and blessed pilgrimage! Say hi to Papa Francis for us!

    Fulton Sheen is the man. I adore him! And should follow his example...

  2. How awesome that you and Stephanie got to meet up!! I so wish I could meet you girls!

    By the way, thanks so much for letting me know about the comment response thing! I did that a long time ago, but I think it must have changed when I switched my blog name.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip! :)

  3. chores - sigh! why are they so easy to fight over. my husband and i now have our own chores - i do laundry and he does dishes. and we leave it at that. haha.

  4. Yikes to Chores. My hubby and I used to have that problem for the first 3 years of our marriage. I do most of the chores now but of course he does most of the work since I work from home on my own terms. When he is off he is now very helpful with the chores and glory to God I rarely have to ask. Garbage is his without a doubt his call of duty and now that we live in the city that's pretty simple. He also has emptying the dish rack as his permanent chore as well. Currently we live in an apartment so there is not much too cover. At our Florida home he had vacuuming, garbage, watering the outdoor plants, fixing stuff & walking our dog. Eventually it'll iron it's self out. Anyway I hope you are having an awesome trip!! I am looking forward to your guest post.

  5. Hi, I just found your blog and think we should be best friends. Think it over. Get back to me.


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