27 January 2020

Resources We Need But Don't Discuss in the Catholic Church

I think there are some conversations we have well in the Church.

However, there are certain conversations we don't have enough (or at all).

Recently on my personal social media accounts, I have spent time sharing and opening up on certain conversations we need to have better in the Church around pornography and sexual addiction.

Navigating this in my life in a very personal way has been a journey at times I wish I did not have to go on. Sometimes I wish I could just share about my favorite books or latest find at Target.

I have promised myself (and God) that I would never want another Catholic woman to feel as alone or isolated as I did when I was married and trying to decide if I was merely surviving or thriving in that relationship.

As I grew healthier, my eyes were opened. 

Over the last few years, I have begun to write, speak, and do local ministry in my diocese trying to open up a messy, sensitive issue in the Church.

The reality is that pornography and/or sexual addiction will likely touch the life of someone you know. There may be a day where you need to have recommendations for a good counselor or book titles for a wife looking for validation of her own experience.

In my own recovery work and talking to many women, I have developed a resource list that I think offers some of the best counselors, books, and programs for women and men that this negatively impacts their relationship.

With the help of local CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapists) therapists in Southeast Michigan, I have developed a detailed resource list for navigating a porn-saturated culture.

Because it is located and stored on my personal Google account, I will not share a direct link here. However, if you would like me to share and send you a copy of the information, I would be happy to do so.

My purpose of writing about it here is to see the information get into as many hands as possible.

I hope this is something you find helpful and supportive in a conversation that we sometimes don't know where to begin.

For questions regarding this, feel free to contact me under my Contact tab.

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