23 November 2019

The Whirlwind of Fall

Today was a rainy, cold day in SE Michigan. It seemed to set the tone for the cozy setting of meeting with my spiritual director in her office.

After we prayed, she asked me to describe what the last month has been like.

My response? Full, rich, and beautiful.

The last month or two this Fall have been so busy, but in the best possible ways.

The first weekend of October, a dear friend Hope and I went up north for a writing retreat together. It like an old fashioned girls slumber party and we had the best heart chats on all the things of life: dating, marriage, babies, sex, politics, religion, and spirituality. I have known Hope professionally for awhile but we have developed a friendship over the last year or so, and she is such a gift to me.

The weekend before Halloween one of my favorite human beings Christina came to visit for the weekend. This beautiful soul is proof real, authentic friendships can be formed over Instagram. Her encouragement, laughter, sass, and friendship have been one of the best surprises of 2019.

We spent the weekend eating good food, wandering downtown Detroit, hitting up a used bookstore, dinner + dessert with my sister Annie, and equal doses of snort laughing with heart chats. 
We ended the weekend with a walk in the rain in Detroit and matching avocado friendship tattoos.
I legit cried when she drove away.

I decided to open up and share on allll the "interesting" experiences of online dating and even created some funky hash tags...because why not? Thanks Patrick for the inspiration and feedback! ;)
The quality of my dates and men has shifted, and there is one very good man I am enjoying getting to spend more time with these days. Hopefully more on that in the future. ;)

My sweet nephew/godson Xavier turned two on November 1. How is he already two!? When I got out of my car to bring him his birthday present, he came running out of the house in his footie jammies yelling my name. Seriously, I can think of few things that make my heart so happy.

The second week of November we got our first snowstorm of the season. I was less than thrilled but having a snow day to babysit X-Man was a-okay in my book.

I have new speaking opportunities that have opened up and are on my schedule for 2020. I have started writing at Grotto Network as a regular contributor and will begin writing at Endow in the New Year.
I am grateful how doors continue to open for me to grow and use my creative skills.

It is crazy to think Thanksgiving is one week away and Advent starting shortly after.
I am looking forward to an RCIA team dinner tomorrow after work, cleaning my apartment, reading, and dinner with a priest friend this weekend.

God continues to show me in little ways even there are spaces of life I wish were different, joy and beauty can be found right now in my current reality

Did Fall feel like a whirlwind for you?

What is new & exciting in your life?

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  1. It sounds like you have been having such a beautiful falltime! Our latest big excitement over here is that for the first time since we've lived in our house (this is our third fall here) our pecan tree actually rained down a shower of pecans! It may seem like a little thing, but it is so fun to scurry around the yard with my kids and look for pecans. We've been piling them up on our table, and while we don't have a tremendous amount, we have at least a few dozen to crack (hopefully the squirrels didn't get to them first haha). I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh my gosh, what a fun thing to enjoy as a family! Maybe someday you'll get enough to make some pecan pie! ;) Hope you all had a beautiful holiday!

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