14 March 2016

Carpe Kairos. Ditch the Diem.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. 
Make the most of the present moment in front of you. Enjoy life. Be grateful.

It is one of those cute, nice phrases that looks good on fridge magnets or bumper stickers. But when talked about being lived out, more or less often leaves me feeling frustrated.

Sometimes what life gives you carpe diem is the very last thing you feel like doing. It can hard to seize the day or be grateful, when things in life don't feel or look the way you want. I can relate to that right now. Yes strive to be grateful. Look for the goodness and beauty amid the ashes. 
But when even seizing the day feels impossible, carpe kairos moments.

Kairos is God's time, it's time outside of time. The word Kairos is a Greek word meaning "a moment in time" where everything changes because it is the right time. It is a significant event or experience that leaves an imprint on your soul (think permanent Sharpie marker). These sweet moments can actually change the course of our life if we allow them to. 

Kairos are those magical moments where time stands still. Kairos moments help us recognize God's voice and act on the moment in front of us. It helps us to see God in all things and experiences, to be on the look-out excitedly waiting for where he will show up next in our daily life.

It can be easy though to miss those Kairos moments. 

Like when I mentally complain about the long line in the bank. If I choose to actually stop complaining, and really look at those people at the line in front of me. Look for the face of Christ in them, pray for them from my heart for whatever they are facing on their journey.

Or when I choose to (momentarily) feel sorry for myself or complain to God about the parts of life I am not too crazy about right now. But then in my heart I remember I didn't need to run away from a physically abusive relationship or end up in a women's shelter with babies in my arms. And that thought leads to a heart-felt plea to God for those women not as fortunate as I. And I just start to recall, name all the graces and good things where I can see God's hand present right now.
Thank you, God. Kairos.

Look for the Kairos moments each day in your life. 

Ditch the Diem.
Grab a couple more Karios moments.

Because those are the moments that really matter in the end.

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