21 September 2015

Not going to see the Pope?? Come to Philly with Me!!

One of the highlights of my job are trips and pilgrimage opportunities that come along with the territory from time to time. 

Months ago, our pastor more or less drafted me to oversee leading a group from our parish to head to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families and Papal Mass. So with the help of our faithful travel agency, this Thursday evening I'm off to Philly with a group of 37 adults. 

Our group will drive through the night on Thursday and arrive in the city on Friday morning. Two nights in a hotel, Mass with other groups from the Detroit diocese, and a private talk/audience with St. Gianna Molla's daughter (yup the one she gave her life or!). Kinda stoked for that. 
Oh and also finding out where Jim Gaffigan will be doing stand-up comedy for the Pope. And Mark Wahlberg. And Aretha Franklin.

Saturday is the Festival of Families with lots of great speakers, musicians, and activities for families. Hoping to see Pope Francis drive by when he come to visit the workers and pilgrims that night because the next day for Mass, it sounds like we'll be camping out at a screen. Things bound to get crowded with 2 million people.

For those of you unable to join us in Philly, you'll be sorely missed! I'll be tweeting and gramming through our trip. And I hear Jenny is going to be attending and blogging through it all as well...with a newborn. God bless her. Also my sister who works for our Archdiocesan media office will be sharing away on all things social media.

You can follow along on social media with some of the following hashtags: #popeinus #LoveisMIMission #PopeinPhilly. Also download the World Meeting of Families App to your smart phone which will keep you in the know of all the happenings in Philly!!

Of course pray for the Holy Father's as travels...if you can throw one up for our and all pilgrim groups traveling too I'd much appreciate it:) That we are all patient, kind, no pushing, and no spot stealing.

There is much work and healing that the Church needs to become a part of to help support Catholic families in our ever changing culture. I pray this visit of Pope Francis' inspires lay people, bishops, and seminary's. I pray the vibrant witness and words of Francis draw back many fallen away or lapsed Catholics.

Many, many years ago Jesus spoke to St. Francis of Assisi (whom the Pope is named after): "Francis, go rebuild my church!" May these words resonate deeply in the hearts of all who will attend or follow this historic event.

The family is the domestic church...so if we work to rebuild the Church it must always start first with the family.
See you in Philly!! :)

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  1. I'll be praying!!! focused on praying for the Pope and his travels, I feel like I've neglected the pilgrims in my prayers. But events like these can bring out the best and worst in people, so I'll pray that everyone is charitable, joyful, and patient with each other :)

  2. So excited for you! I'll definitely be following and praying for you and the other 2 million going! :-) Have an awesome time.


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