17 November 2014

DIY Memory Magnets

Sometimes I pretend that I am reallyyy good at DIY projects. Today is one of those days. Humor me.

I have a slight hording problem with old photographs. I may have did take a good handful from my parents basement before I got married. Sorry parental units! You didn't notice anyway right?
In some way I wanted to take memories the past with into my new life. I wanted the comfort of old memories as I created new ones in married life. Lately I have been going through some of my favorites and wanting to do some projects with them projects with them. I recently finished a fun book that inspired this wee project.

All I needed was:
  • 2 sheets of magnetic adhesive 
  • old photographs
Just peel off the protective paper on the magnetic sheet and stick yo picture on it. It make take a couple tries to get the photo even with the corners. After the picture is straight, grab a pair of scissors and trim away the edges.

And viola! Magnets for the fridge while displaying happy memories.

Any favorite projects using photo's? Do share! 
If you need some idea's, be sure to give Emma and Elsie a read!


  1. I love photos, and using them in decor! Mostly I just tape them to the wall when, as now, we can't put holes in the wall to hang them up!

  2. That is an awesome idea! I currently have a ton of photos taped - yes, taped - to my fridge that are falling off! Haha!


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