14 August 2014

Getting fit.

I am learning healthy living is two-fold thing: exercise and healthy eating.  In the past, ol' exercise and I have not been to good of friends.  Do you have those awkward relatives you see only at holidays several times a year that you just never seem to get along with?  Well for a long time that has been me and exercise, until recently...

It really would...

On Mother's Day I did a 5K walk/run with my Mom and sister for
ovarian cancer in support of my aunt who was recently diagnosed.  Participating in that really struck a chord within me in terms of taking care of myself and getting healthy.

May 19th I decided to start running with Couch-to-5K and just this week I finished it.  I have NEVER in my life stuck with exercise this long.  I am pleasantly surprised how much I like running and how good it makes me feel...who'd of thunk exercise was good for you?! Apparently, I never read that memo.

With Couch-to-5K I have been running 3 times a week, and now that I'm done I want to keep doing it.  I have decided to set some goals for myself in terms of getting and staying fit.  This fall I want to run in a couple 5K's.  On Mother's Day, I want to run in the same race I did last year with my Mom and sister, only this time as a 10K.  In 2015 to commemorate the big 30, I want to run the Detroit half marathon.
Eeekkk.  I am really really excited to challenge myself like this, because now I am believing I can actually do this craziness.

I have "perfected" many a diets over the years, but never saw the importance of taking care of myself by staying in shape.  Growing up, I was well known to complain that I didn't like to sweat.  I know, I know, weird and strange because lets face it we all sweat...but it felt nasty and gross to me.  So why on earth would I want to exercise?!
Its crazy now because after a good run, I don't really mind the sweat.  I am eagerly saving away for a kick a$# pair of running shoes (hope I make you proud Dave Ramsey), trying to find good socks that won't give my tootsies blisters, and researching the best stretching techniques.

What better way to celebrate exiting my 20's than a half marathon??  Well maybe winning the lottery or going to Ireland again would be a smidge cooler...but physical fitness isn't a bad option either.

October 2015. 13.1 miles...I'm coming for ya!!!


  1. Yay!!! So glad to read this!! Congratulations on making it all the way through your training program - what a big accomplishment. And I LOVE the fact that you decided to celebrate 30 with a half marathon. You're going to do great!

    1. Thanks Amy...I am just amazed I've stuck this far with it all! :) If you have any tips let me know;)

  2. That's awesome!!!! I did this 8 week challenge (that I completely made up and made rules for) back in May and it also made me get my butt off the couch and run 3-4 times a week! I could not believe how good I have become at running, at how my distance increased, and how my energy levels / mood / and general health improved. I felt so much better. But I let myself slip right before we went on vacation and now I'm back to "lazy mode." But it's really really irritating me because I'm feeling fatigued again, so I hope I have enough self-discipline to get my butt running again before we get hit with a crazy Chicago winter again.

    I hope your marathon training goes well!

    1. Good for you Agnes! You're its amazing how good it makes you feel, but when you forget you really start to notice it!

  3. Oh, exercise and I are not good friends either, though I recognize the importance of it. So I like sticking with moderate exercise...I don't think I'll ever be a runner but more fun stuff like hiking or social dances are my kind of 'staying active'..but that's not nearly as impressive. Without a car, though, we're already getting a lot more of the "walking for long distances" type of low-level workout.


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