16 June 2014

6 reasons I don't miss Visa.

Have you met my friend, Visa?  I am quite sure you have. 

That sleek, handy, shiny little plastic card...the pure magic of running him/her through the machine with ease and simplicity that makes me feel as glamorous as a lipstick model. 

I am excited to take home my new purchase and am giddy with excitement...until the bill comes in the mail.

That's right friends.  I am talking about 'that little friend'; perhaps yours goes by another name of Discover, MasterCard, or American Express.  In May, I paid off my credit card for the last time
Jim and I starting the journey to work to become debt free.  Sure we are only a month into our game plan, but I am totally shocked how once you have a plan for dealing with money, the real peace there is about knowing our financial status.

So without further ado, I give you a sampling of reasons I am thrilled to have terminated this relationship...

1.  No more surprises once a month when the statement comes in the mail

2.  When I am not spending frivolously on meaningless BS, go figure I find we have enough money for bills, loan payments, and groceries...aka the things we need to take care of.  What a concept?!

3.  Sure I can still go shopping or get my eyebrows waxed or get a new lipstick, but now I plan.ahead.  Okay so for the month of June, I used up all my chump change at a garage sale and a trip to Home Goods within the first week, but that was my choice.  Once monthly chump change runs out, I wait till the next month.  Giving myself a limit allows me to prioritize my wants vs. needs, and really think about things before making a purchase.

4.  I am learning self-control.  Not that I am this ego-tastic person, but lets face it; our culture is a fan of instant gratification: I like it.  I want it. I need it.  I must have it immediately.  If we're honest with ourselves, I'd imagine we all struggle with this from time to time.  Money or a desire for 'more stuff' shouldn't control me...but properly handling and remembering its not our money, but God's?  Now that's a storyline I am starting to get into.

Ever read this Berenstein Bears book growing up? point.made.

5.  I have heard before the things married couples fight most about and divorce are either money or sex.  One thing since getting rid of my former bff is less stress in general over money.  Instead of worrying now how we'll pay my monthly loan payments, we are always checking and reminding each other to save receipts from our purchases using cash.

I am all for less stress and more peace, harmony, and holding hands singing "Kumbaya"....well maybe not that last one.

6.  The longer we wait to get our financial act together, the harder it will be.  And for us getting rid of our credit cards and saying sayonara to debt has got to happen; and the time is now.  I certainly don't want to wait until things could get really bad like having to declare bankruptcy or something...

That's me, but what about you!

Do you use credit cards?  If so, how do manage them and keep them under control?


  1. I've never had a credit card and nor shall I ever... Debit's the way to go!
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  2. So inspiring! I started using a credit card a few months ago when I got married. Fortunately, we both went into marriage with no debt whatsoever, so it's kind of nerve wrecking to have one! Greg and I aren't big spenders, so I think that helps. ;-) Planning ahead of time (with card purchases) helps the most. Hopefully we will be able to get rid of them like you guys! It's totally doable - my parents haven't owned a credit card in 25 years! ;-) Best of luck!

  3. Good for you! We love Dave Ramsey and have been cash only for years. I feel so richy rich when I have my weekly roll of twenties. This year we got a gas only credit card so our teens can keep gas in the cars. They have jobs and debit cards and budgets and are hopefully learning better habits than we had.

  4. Good for you--recognizing the good stuff about getting your finances under control! I actually just got a credit card, because apparently it's not good to be in your 20s and have no credit history whatsoever, and I've been trying to remember to put the groceries on the card instead of paying with cash just so I can build a little history and paying it off every month....I still think it's easier just to use cash....

  5. We do have credit cards and use them so we can get air miles. We use them the same way we would our debit cards, though, and pay them off at the end of the month so it's a win-win for us! :-) I can see why it would be dangerous for people who weren't as frugal as we are.

  6. Love me some Berenstain Bears! I used to love that one the most!

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