27 June 2013

7 Quick Takes {vol. 13} The one where I ask for prayers on all kinds o' stuff...


Busy weekend around our home.  Tomorrow morning Jim and I are taking youth groupian teens to a summer youth conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH.  I've been telling the teens who its their first time going this place is like Catholic Disney World...which in my humble opinion it is.  Please pray for safe travels, for Jim and I as the adult leaders that we don't get completely exhausted, and for the teens that would just come to experience Jesus more personally in their lives.
Here's the promo video to give ya an idea of how we'll be spending the next few days:)

Jim has been a busy bee networking in our local community with priest's and guidance counselors to build up his client base for his practice.  I'm so excited for him as he already has an appointment scheduled with his first client!  It is really cool to see his passion and excitement to want to help people face tough issues in their lives through the lens of our Catholic faith.  He has a great mentor in the woman whom he is sharing the counseling practice with and he is really working hard.  If ya are looking or know someone who is need of a faith based therapist, I can hook you up! ;-)  Please keep Jim in your prayers as he continues networking and working.

Some really exciting news in our family this week too!!  My Dad was offered a new job as the the director of all deaconate formation in the Archdiocese of Detroit!  My Dad is definitely one of my greatest role models in my life and I constantly look up to him for his humility and spiritual wisdom.  When I got into parish ministry, he always reminded me the most important thing is be pastoral and really meet people you encounter where they are at; yes it is important to love Jesus and know your faith, but all that is for naught if you cannot show compassion in your dealings with others.
It was funny because after he left having a meeting with the Archbishop when he officially was offered the job, I teased him "Oh you made sure to ask Archbishop Vigneron for 2 weeks off in July for World Youth Day, right?"  He responded, "Oh no, he said that's too soon for me to take time off!"
Ha. Funny Popsicle, considering you are our male chaperone!

Have any of you seen this video?  It is about the history of the bikini by a woman named Jessica Rey who started a swimsuit line to create more classy bathing suit options for women based on fashionista Audrey Hepburn.  I'm not here to bash women who do and/or wear bikini's but the video does make some interesting points.  Check it out...

I checked out her bathing suit line and they have some REALLY elegant, pretty swim suits! All the suits are named after different characters that Audrey Hepburn played in different movies.  If you are in need of a new swim suit, check out this swim wear line!!

For any of you who live in southeastern Michigan, be sure to tune in on Monday, July 1st from 8:35-8:55am on 990AM Ave Maria Radio.  I'm doing a live interview with Teresa Tomeo from 'Catholic Connections' about our upcoming World Youth Day pilgrimage in Rio.  She also is going to schedule me for an interview for while we are in Rio for her national hour.
All I know that for my radio debut I plan to roll out of bed, grab some coffee and do the interview in my PJ's; keeping it real and comfy, cozy! :)

On the topic of WYD, I am sure you have heard about the protests going on in Rio regarding the World Cup and WYD.  I'm following the story closely and from the sources I have it seems to be dying down and the WYD committee doesn't foresee a problem with WYD festivities.  It is still a little unnerving, and if you just say a prayer for peace of mind and that this situation continues to be resolved that would be awesome.

I ordered from Amazon this week, one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time, "Return to Me". I actually haven't seen it in years but I saw something with Minnie Driver on TV the other day and reminded me how much I loved that movie.

The premise is a man's wife dies in an accident and her heart is donated....turns out to a woman he later falls in love with and begins dating.  Don't want to spoil the movie, but it is cute and full of hysterical one-liners!

Maybe when we get home from Steubenville this Sunday, we can curl up on the couch with some Middle Eastern leftovers and watch it:)

I always thought I was a good listener...then I got married.  Jim and I have been talking a lot lately on the importance of each other really listening to each other in little and big things.  Through that, I'm realizing how MUCH of a ways to go I have with this.  Sure I can be a great listener for a friend going through issues with her Mom or a teen in crisis at church...but somehow with the people closest in our lives (for me my husband) I still have much to learn.  Lots of thoughts going through my head bout this that are probably coming out in a post sometime soon.
Wives/Fiances/Girlfriends, what do you do in your relationship with your guy to be a better listener?  What are some lessons you have learned in regards to listening??  I'm all ears!!

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend:)
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  1. Putting down the iPad and actually showing him that I am listening to him helps. We also make a list of things we want to discuss and email each other, so that we don't forget by the evening. I also try to listen and ask follow up questions to events or concerns that he had previously mentioned. So much room to improve, always. Prayers for you and your WYD pilgrims.

  2. Your husband is a faith based counselor?? That is fantastic! and what I hope I can do soon. I will definitely keep him in prayer. Return to Me is one of my favorites as well. I loved the history of the bikini video, she spoke so well. Prayers for you and the teens headed to Stubenville!

  3. 1: That's a great video! I really want to go now! I'm hoping to eventually work with the youth at our church (youth group was a HUGE part of my life so I really want to give that back to other kids) so hopefully I get a chance someday!

    4: Some friends posted that video a couple of weeks ago and now it's being shared in the NFP groups as well. You know she's the white Power Ranger? Haha, I didn't realize that at first, but I knew the name was so familiar...

    5: Will your interview be available online that we could listen? I'd love to hear it!

    6: Thanks for the endorsement. My parents had said that was good a long time ago, but I could never get myself to watch it because it sounded too sad. Maybe I'll give it a try again.

    7: Hmm, definitely stop whatever you are doing and look the person in the eye. If it's a long conversation, make sure that you interject little phrases to let them know you are getting them, but don't insert whole sentences. When there's a pause, use the ol' "so what I hear you saying" or "it sounds like.." and then "is that right?" I have more, but it's all stuff I learned in mental health nursing. It's surprising how effective that stuff can really be.

  4. I can't wait to watch the Jessica Rey video when I have time later this weekend! I've seen some of her swimsuits and they're so classy. Have fun at Steubie! I miss it there :)

  5. You're going to be live with Teresa Tomeo!! Awesome. Way to go, Patty!

  6. Woohoo for your dad; that is impressive!!! I hope you guys have a great time this weekend. We stopped at Steubenville on the way to Toronto for WYD and I loved the campus... especially the little memorial for unborn babies.

  7. Have a great time in Stubenville! I'm headed there in less than a month and am counting down the days! That conference was seriously the point in my life where I can point to and say, "That is where my faith life all came together." I can't wait to go back!

  8. Oh, I totally wrote a post on the Jessica Rey video today! I would love to know your thoughts :)


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