22 January 2016

Easy Ways to Cut Down on Gas!

The constant up and down of gas prices for a time were one of the most frustrating factors when I started to live life on a budget. But since then, I have managed to learn a few, simple tricks to help make my dollars stretch longer when it comes to fill the ol' car.

1. Search around for cheap gas with GasBuddy
Type in your zip code or city and find the cheapest gasoline prices around. Also comes in a phone app. 

2. Properly Inflated Tires
This trick is a new one to me. Did you know when your tires are not inflated properly or out of alignment, you actually make the engine work harder? I know right?! #themoreyouknow
Only recently I have learned the right way to fill my tires and check the air pressure, but when my mechanic told me this info, it about blew my socks off!

3. Strategically Plan out Errands 
This one can be tricky and perhaps more time consuming. Plan out the shortest route for errands and work to get them down in the shortest driving route possible. This can take a little time, but if you need to really pinch pennies, it can help even make a small difference.

4. Pay for Gas in Cash (whenever possible)
I have noticed for a good, long while that cash prices for gasoline are significantly cheaper (at least where I live) than credit card prices. A good 10 cents is enough of a reason to continue to stick with paying for gas with cash...not to mention the whole accountability thing too ;)

Did I leave something out? What would you add?
How do you look for new ways to cut down on gasoline? 

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  1. We don't have the "pay cash" option. I didn't realize that was still an option anywhere!
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. I am all about #3!!! Whenever I leave the house, I try to cram in as many errands in a certain part of town that I can, to conserve gas. We do have one "pay cash" gas station near us, but usually it is so inconvenient that we don't do it (since we rarely have cash)-and gas right now is only about $1.39/gallon, so it's not terrible to fill up the ol' tank.

    Something really nice is that certain grocery store chains let you rack up "gas points" when you make purchases in-store, which can then be redeemed for a gas discount (I think it usually maxes out at 10 cents/gallon a month or something). It's not huge, but every little bit helps!

  3. The strategic driving definitely makes a difference! I've heard that gas prices have come down a lot since we left the USA--slightly jealous here!


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