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17 June 2021

Learning Boundaries: The Building Block of Healthy Relationships

The first time I ever heard the term boundaries was about five years ago when I was going back to therapy. What initially brought me back was a toxic marriage with addiction, and I proudly walked in to see what could be done to "fix" my husband's issues.

(I know mature, right?)

However, I quickly began to see that I had my own rug of undealt-with-issues I was dragging behind me. One idea I came to realize and understand more, was that of boundaries.

What are boundaries?

Boundaries are essential for every healthy relationship. Think of boundaries as property lines that define where you begin and end, where another person begins and ends. Boundaries help keep ourselves emotionally safe and within the limits of our own integrity. They help us take responsibility for ourselves without trying to control, fix, or take responsibility for other people.

Having non-negotiable boundaries become a part of your life will truly transform your world. While it might take time to understand and apply them to your unique situations, these practices will benefit all different types of relationships in your life.

What might boundaries look like in different relationships?

Here are some ways boundaries might look different in your romantic relationships, work relationships, and in your own life.

In romantic relationships, healthy boundaries produce:
  • Clear, open, and respectful communication
  • Honesty and accountability
  • Respect of personal needs without controlling behaviors
  • Ability to express one's needs and wants within the relationship
In healthy work environments, boundaries can look like:
  • Ensuring that communication is open, appropriate, and clear - without the fear of "being fired" for speaking honestly to a superior or co-worker
  • Keeping the workplace free of gossip, petty meanness, and invasion of personal privacy
  • Leaving work at work so people can rest and recharge when away from work
It can be easy to see where some areas may need boundary work and focus, but where do we begin?

Here are some helpful things to keep in mind as you establish new routines with non-negotiable boundaries. 

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21 May 2021

5 Great Podcasts for Book Lovers

For as long as I can remember I have loved to read. Some of my happiest memories as a little girl were when my mom and I would read together every night before bed. Everything from Laura Ingalls to Nancy Drew, a love for books and reading has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I consider good books a close friend, rich with memories and meaning.

For bibliophiles like myself, reading is more of a lifestyle than an activity. It seems I am always in one of three stages: reading a book, deciding what book to read next. or calling the library with a list of books I am hoping to find on the shelves. Do you find yourself somewhere in that description.

If you are looking for new ways to freshen up your to-read book pile, one of these podcasts may be what you need to grow deeper as a reader.

Get some new ideas by heading over to Verily to read the rest . . . 

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19 May 2021

Common Horizon: A New Print Publication on Catholic Social Teaching

Are magazine subscriptions still a thing?

Well if you are looking for something new to challenge yourself and grow, I want to share with you a new print publication called Common Horizon.

I am honored, and truthfully, still pinching myself I get to help contribute something among so many women I admire and am learning from.

Common Horizon is focused on exploring the 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. Contributors explore the seven themes through various creative means from art, poetry, prayers, interviews, and honest reflections. 

The first issue (which is now on sale - limited restock on Friday, May 21 at 9am CST!!!)

I sincerely hope you will consider supporting From Here Media. Alissa is a fierce woman of God; one whom I am constantly learning from. 

Order your copy of the first seven issues today! 
Well on Friday morning, when the limited re-stock drops in the shop.

Thank you for your support of this amazing project! :)

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