28 October 2015

Your (little) story matters

Story is a very powerful thing. Story is the vulnerable sharing of your life experiences with other people. It includes everything from relationships, struggles, or the awkward moments you can't erase from your life history.

I recently read this book, where the whole premise of the book was how telling our story and hearing those of others has the power to make a transformative change in the world and help build the Kingdom. Nish writes: "Sharing your story allows others to glimpse how you've been shaped, what matters to you, and why it matters. The power of story becomes evident when as we share another's eyes light up and they say you too? Me too! The walls of isolation we build around ourselves come tumbling down when we're vulnerable and honest with each other about both our struggles and our victories. When I'm brave enough to share my story, I'm actually reaching out to you, allowing you to cross over whatever divide is between us."

Your story is powerful. And it needs to be told. You may think its not that big of a deal or that it is too small. But your story matters. Your words, perspective, and life experience open up an avenue to build bridges, soften hearts, and make disciples with grace and mercy. Story helps us understand where the other is coming from and it leads the way to creating deeper, more meaningful relationships.

We all need you to tell your story, whether you're a "big" blogger or not. Whether you dream of writing a book or you've written multiple books that were best sellers. Your words make a difference because they reflect your unique journey and experience, and that's something that can inspire or teach others.

In the shiny, polished world of social media, it is crazy easy to start comparing and feeling less than. You and your story are never less than. Keep on keeping-whatever it is. For each of us it will be something different. But you're needed. Your story and words are so needed in this crazy, broken world to bring hope and healing wherever God has placed you. 

Shauna Niequist sums this up perfectly in her book, Cold Tangerines: "Every life tells a story, through words and actions and choices, through our homes and our children, through our clothes and dishes and perfume. We each play a character in a grand drama, and every stage direction matters. We tell our stories, and we let God's story be told through our stories. We tell God's story as we live and discover our own. And I don't know if there is anything better in the world than when we lay ourselves wide open and let His story become our story, when we screw up our fists and our courage and start to tell the truest, best stories we know, which are always God's stories."

Keep on keeping. We need you and your words. No story is too small or insignificant. Your story whatever size it is matters. Let your God's story be told through your own.

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  1. This is great! It totally reminds me of a book I just read, "Casting Nets: Grow Your Faith by Sharing Your Faith," by Chris Stewart and Tony Brandt. The book is a small discussion on evangelization, and towards the end, it goes through the importance of preparing different-length versions of your own personal story and testimony, which then shows you just how God has been working in your life, so that you can share that with others!

  2. Absolutely! Stories from individuals are so important to me, they should be told, and that's a big motivation behind why I write in general and why I blog. Story is powerful!


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