20 October 2015

Hey there, Beauty Full

Hey You.
Yes, YOU.

You are Beauty Full. 

You are full of beauty in ways you may not even be aware of. You were made to do something with your one rare, precious life; to create art through your life in a million little ways no one else ever could. You are irreplaceable. You are full of beauty regardless of your weight, size, or personality. The scale doesn't define you. Your job, car, or whether you're married or single do not define you. 

You are not defined by your history. Not your past mistakes or choices. Whether you're in a relationship or single. Whether you have children or you don't. Nor your career choice or how much money you make.

You are worthy of love and respect whatever of these you have or don't have. Stop buying the BS story lines that you can't be loved as you are. for WHO you are just the way you are. That you aren't full of beauty, that you aren't good enough for a man or for God to love. That your scars are too much a burden. That your heart is frail. No, please stop that. You are poetry.and.You are not a mistake.

You with the baby on your hip at home with little ones running around are beauty full.

You trying to figure out what to do with your life after college are beauty full.

You trying to balance motherhood, marriage, and a career outside the home are beauty full.

You struggling with fertility and desperately wishing for a baby are beauty full.

You dealing with pain and hurt in a relationship are beauty full.

You see because our beauty is not determined by any of those things. You are beautiful because you are a daughter of God. You are His beloved. You are His creation. God does not create, love or redeem crap. God wants you to participate in His story wherever you are and with whatever you have. Do great work, create beauty wherever you are. There is purpose and a plan for you wherever you re on the journey. Dream big dreams and do great things with God.

You are beauty full right where you are. Remember that and whisper it to yourself for those days you will struggle to believe that. I know I do too sometimes. 

But no matter what, our beauty is not defined by anything the world wishes to measure us by. Rather we are beautiful because a really big God created us because He recklessly and passionately loves us. 
You are full of beauty because you were created by love to go and be love out in the world.

Ring your freedom bell loud and strong...
Knowing you are ravishing and full of beauty right where you are.

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