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A Modern Grace reflects my love of beautiful things in the world: people, places, words, music, etc. More importantly it reminds me of the constant need for God's grace in my life, and to always find grace in both the bitter and sweet moments of life. There is grace in it all.

I have worked in youth ministry for almost ten years. I recently transitioned to a new parish working as a Pastoral Associate. The last five + years have held a lot of personal growth and healing for me. I was married. I am now divorced and annulled. I am living a full life while navigating being single and dating healthy, life-giving ways.

This blog is meant to be a place to have real conversations as if we were sitting in my living room over warms cups of coffee, where topics can range from the deeper look faith, culture, ministry, to the lighter chit chat about the things every woman needs in her lifeexercise, dating, and tattoos. I think everyone needs to go to therapy and am super passionate about how boundaries can change lives.

I dream of writing a book someday and visiting the Holy Land.

If you want to know more, then mosey on over here.

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