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A Modern Grace reflects my love of the classy and graceful things in life, but more importantly of the constant need for God's grace in my life to change and shape me. And no matter what, to always find grace in both the bitter and sweet moments of life...
God is always good and there is grace in it all.

I need grace. like a lot of it. I want to become more fully the woman the God created me to be. There is only one shot at living this life; I want to live it full of purpose, meaning and hopefully in a way that points others to Christ.

I am a Youth Minister by day and have finally finished grad school.  No I do not live off of pizza and yes I do more than babysit teenagers.  It is exhausting, fulfilling, and where God wants me right now. The last 5 years have been a lot of personal growth and healing for me. I was married. I am now divorced and have received an annulment.

This is certainly not the path I saw in my life, but I know God brings healing and goodness out of all pain; even in the ending of a marriage. We are not spared of all trials, but we are always spared of the trials that have no gifts (Ann Voskamp).

This blog is a place to think on the beautiful, crazy, random, and even frustrating things in life.  Sometimes I'll vent on the crazy of the world we live in today, but I try not to do so very often. Topics will range from things like life on a budget, faith, boundaries, why we all need therapy, to the more lighthearted side of life like favorite reads, my love of tattoos, and why the world needs (more) loud girl's.

I dream of writing a book someday, getting another tattoo, and visiting the Holy Land.

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